Life After Breast Cancer by SassyWitch666

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with the amazing ArindaStormWeaver.  She’s a 57-year-old sensualist, Mistress, and breast cancer survivor who has a healthy outlook on body positivity.

She was kind enough to answer some of my questions about what she went through while battling cancer and what life is like after.

SW: When were you diagnosed and how did they treat your cancer?

Arinda: I was diagnosed in 2006 with breast cancer. I fought my surgeon until she gave in and removed both breasts. It was not until they were off my body that there was cancer found in both.

SW: What are some things you wish people understood about breast cancer?

Arinda: Treatments for breast cancer has come a very long way. With that said there are still people who die from it. I wish more ladies understood that their breasts do not make them the person they are.

SW: Did having breast cancer change how you viewed your kinky side? Are there any kinks/fetishes you’re afraid to do or try now that you weren’t before?

Arinda: I did not go public until after my breasts were removed. Having them removed did not affect my kink in any way. I am a sensualist, not a sadist so a lot of the kink stuff is not what I do.

My surgeon asked me if I was going to the support group. I told her that I needed to take care of me. I know what support groups are like. I could not let it bring me down. My self-confidence is just fine and has been all along.

SW: Did it change how you view others?

Arinda: My view of women who are defined by their breasts is not good. Heaven help them if they end up like me.

SW: Did it change how you interact with others when it comes to kink?

Arinda: I do not get naked in public, nor on cam. I have been a chat host for years now. Being dominant, I do not need to take them off!

SW: What’s the one question you hate being asked about your experience with cancer?

Arinda: There are not earnest questions I will not answer about cancer.

SW: Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Arinda: After having them removed I did no other medical treatment. I made this choice after having the Onco Type DX test done. It is a genetic paneling of cancer and it broke down my chances of it coming back into numbers. I understand numbers.


I loved how open ArindaStormWeaver is with her experience and her answers. She didn’t hold back anything and even said if I have any more questions I should feel free to ask. 

I think that’s an outstanding attitude to have no matter what you go through in life.

I’m so glad “1RuleSupersedes” told me about her. She’s a great role model to have when it comes to learning to love me for me and not what my body looks like.

I hope all the young ladies out there see her and hear her words and take them to heart. You are more than your breast or, butt or any other body part. Always keep that in mind.


SassyWitch666 originally posted her article on 1RuleSupersedes’ blog.

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