Our Kinky SADIST Friends Part III By Nicholas Tanek

Sadists make up a major part of the BDSM/kink community. The act of letting a sadist torture you in a consensual way displays a sense of trust.  Some people crave the pain or the feeling of helplessness that a good sadist can evoke.

I asked some of our kinky Sadist friends some questions to help our kinky community better understand this dynamic.

Lady Vi

Lady Vi is a professional and lifestyle Dominatrix in the Seattle metropolitan area. Beautiful, brazen and delightfully wicked, Lady Vi exudes a unique brand of sinister sexuality, instinctual sadism, and natural born female dominance. She is also an active member of the Leather, BDSM and Sex Positive community.

Website: www.WorshipLadyVi.com

Twitter: LadyVi_

Instagram: LadyVi___

Instagram: @WorshipLadyVi

Clips: http://www.WorshipLadyVi.com/Clips

FetLife: Lady_Vi

Clip Store: iwantclips.com/store/594476/Lady-Vi

Only Fans: onlyfans.com/ladyvi_

NiteFlirt: www.niteflirt.com/LadyVi_

Describe how sadism enhances or fits your lifestyle.

Sadism is a thread that is so tightly entwined throughout my life (personal and professional) that it’s hard to say how it specifically enhances my lifestyle. It’s an integral part of who I am. I will say, finding the BDSM community and learning the language to define my sadistic and dominant tendencies had a profound impact on who I am as a person. Playing with fear by chasing girls with bugs in daycare, mentally tormenting my brother for the rush, and delighting in other non-consensual antics were fine for a child but the way these needs were fed as an adult were less than healthy. My best friend since elementary school says I am a much nicer person now that I know how to harness my powers of evil for good.

Tell us about your favorite sadism experiences.

My favorite sadism experiences are those that combine a submissive’s fear with the willingness to do the thing that scares them. I will admit, sometimes the scary thing is simply walking through my door. I love watching people shake and quiver, and most of the time it’s brought on by only my slightest breath or touch. If I were to share a specific favorite scene of a time when fear and willingness were both involved, it would be a public scene I did with my boi. He is terrified of needles but also loves to dive into terrifying and scary things. The scene was simple, I was going to put needles through the webs of his fingers. I love facilitating experiences where people are able to push through fear and walk away with a sense of personal pride. It’s not the meanest, most sadistic thing I’ve ever done – but it was certainly a touching experience and one I hold very near and dear to my dark heart.

How do you practice safety in consensual scenes that may involve pain or humiliation?

I practice R.A.C.K. (Risk Aware Consensual Kink). All scenes, regardless if they are physical or psychological, contain some level of risk. Thorough communication and negotiation are key. I believe it is our responsibility to understand and educate ourselves on the risks involved with each individual scene so all parties can have informed consent. Always have a plan for if things go wrong. You never know what unintended emotional landmines you might hit when playing inside someone’s mind, or physical challenges you could be presented with requiring quick action. Do you know how you’re going to safely get a 250 lbs. man down from your elaborate bondage scene if he faints? Always have a plan and expect the unexpected.

Video interview with Lady Vi

VIDEO CHAT: Lady Vi with Nicholas Tanek

Mrs. Soviet Mercedes

Soviet-Mercedes originated from Eastern Europe and is an international,  multilingual,  Pro Domme, +Female Supremacist, Occult Goddess, KeyHolder and FinDomme.










Describe how sadism enhances or fits your lifestyle.

What a beautiful thing it is, when males submit and gift me their body. Whether it’s from a place of worship, devotion, or because they know they have to make up for the dis-balance we currently experience in this world. What a fun and living toy! It makes my day! Mind you, I love incorporating Financial Domination in my long term games, for it is much more subtle, but at all times active and present.

Tell us about your favorite sadism experiences.

One of the biggest ones will be ballbusting / CBT in general. The harder I can hurt, the bigger my smile!

How do you practice safety in consensual scenes that may involve pain or humiliation?

Checking in with my toy, always communicating! Of course, it is easier when the sub and myself have played before or for a longer time. So, it is important in real life scenes to learn about the body, any injuries, or previous experiences etc. Then, it’s about learning how much the body can take, and tiny bit by bit stretch that limit.

Video Interview with Soviet Mercedes

VIDEO CHAT: Soviet Mercedes with Nicholas Tanek


Miss Gomorahh

Miss Gomorahh is a BDSM lifestyle educator, sadist, author, and host of The Mistress Gomorahh’s Show.

Gomorrahh:  http://gomorahh.com/

Follow me On FB https://www.facebook.com/MistressGomorahhsShow

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GoddessGomorahh

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mistress_gomorahh/

Fetlife: https://fetlife.com/users/8373641

Discord: https://discord.gg/dZucHv

Describe how sadism enhances or fits your lifestyle.

Sadism comes to me naturally, being allowed to practice it sensually with my Lover is thrilling and fulfilling knowing my beloved Bitch Loves it. Grin When a Sadist and a Masochist come together, Mind body and soul. Its pure magick!

Tell us about your favorite sadism experiences.

Pinching and spanking frenzies as I call them is a mix of wrestling, pain, and pleasure. The struggle watching them gasp and scream with an extra pinch, scratch, and slap is thrilling, to say the least. Love the challenge and the cackling laughter.

How do you practice safety in consensual scenes that may involve pain or humiliation?

Communication before during and after play. Is key to a successful gratifying session. Please and Thank you are used for communicating the pleasure my Slave is receiving. We discuss the do’s and don’ts of both pain and humiliation. Having a good sense of your slave’s emotional state also matters a great deal. It’s important to adapt to the needs, and energy of your submissive / bottom during play.

Video interview with Miss Gomorahh

VIDEO CHAT: Miss Gomorahh with Nicholas Tanek

Mistress Hyde

Ms. Hyde is a sadist, seductrix, and slave trainer.




Describe how sadism enhances or fits your lifestyle.

I have a deep, dark, intense sadistic side. I have a very real need to inflict pain. On the same token…I am an empath. I feel so deeply the pain of others and want nothing more than to relieve their hurts. Being able to combine my need to inflict pain with another’s need to feel it in order to heal from their own hurts is the most beautiful thing I could ever have discovered in this world.

Tell us about your favorite sadism experiences.

The most beautiful sadism experiences for me are when I am looking directly into my sub’s eyes and hurting them. They look at me, I look at them, I increase the pain. My eyes challenge them to take it, theirs look straight back at me and clearly say, “more.” Damn! That shit is SEXY!

How do you practice safety in consensual scenes that may involve pain or humiliation?

I practice PRICK (Personal Responsibility Informed Consensual Kink). There are aspects of what I do that are inherently dangerous. Those who engage in those consensual behaviors with me must understand the risks involved and be willing take on those risks should something happen. I NEVER engage in an activity that I am not prepared for and on which I’ve yet to educate myself. There are certain kink activities that require a genuine mentor, someone to physically show you how to safely practice that particular kink. Other techniques can be self-taught.   I am VERY careful about what I offer and never engage in new kinks with someone who is not aware that I’m learning on the job. #Seattle is my guinea pig. Lol. He loves being my guinea pig. He always says to me, “Your Dominance is innate. You ARE Hyde. Kink can be learned. I love that I get to be the one you learn on.”

When it comes to humiliation and degradation, I am very careful to make sure I understand from where the sub’s need arises for this kink and how to give proper aftercare so that they are reminded that they have intrinsic value as a person, that I care for them, and that I treasure the gift of their submission and the joy that we both experience while I humiliate/degrade them.


What have we learned from all of this?

Personally, I enjoy a little pain in my BDSM play. I nice spanking or flogging enhances the whole moment. There are ways it makes me up and ways it can also put me into a subspace trance.

Regardless if it is CBT, humiliation, verbal shaming, impact play, or scat, being a consensual target of a sadist can be a painful, shameful, and actually… a rewarding experience. These ladies are using their love of causing pain in a safe and consensual way. Their clients and lovers are masochists who have a need to feel this pain. There is a beautiful and delicate balance that is mutually beneficial and therapeutic for both parties.

So, get ready for some bruising… physically and emotionally. These sadistic ladies make it hurt so good.


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