VIDEO CHAT: Delilah Knotty aka DK-Blackfish with Nicholas Tanek

Delilah Knotty aka DK-Blackfish is a gender-fluid lifestyle rope top. Her prior modeling was also a lifestyle way of her fetish expression.
Nicholas Tanek sits down and has a video chat with her.

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I am DK – Blackfish a rope top, and known in most circles as Delilah Knotty, a rope bottom. I am a gender-fluid or gender-queer (non-binary gendered) bondage switch in the greater Los Angeles area that leans heavily toward being a rope-top at this time.

I consider myself a Fetish Advocate for the bondage community and have over 15 years been a model of bondage photography, notably since 2007 only participated as a freelance and for non-profit model in an effort to share my passion of the beauty of bondage. Also, quietly playing in the greater Los Angeles community when I can to tie-up others for a mutual bondage energy-experience, although of late pushing my own personal agenda to improve my rope skills and learn the art of Shibari as a top.

Fetish is my lifestyle, my vanilla ‘well being’ (the way I make money) revolves around civil engineering having an advanced university degree in the Earth Sciences. The balance between the two is harmonious and although I am established in both realms, in some circles well-known, the two life paths do not ever cross. One day, they may be revealed as one-the same, and I more than ready-willing to admit, defend that I am Delilah Knotty/DK-Blackfish and an established vanilla engineering-geo.

…Of final note, I love bondage and the time to play with all spectrum of the genders, it is my special time with you to see you shine! I have a special rope bottom to play with and embrace an energy exchange with, she is ‘my special,’ the time for play with others is also available. If you see me, please introduce yourself and let’s try some bondage…

Cheers!!! DK-Blackfish


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