VIDEO CHAT: Boogy Betty with Nicholas Tanek


Boogy Betty aka Betty Guadagno aka Beefsteak Betty is a divorced, orphaned, Psychedelic Addict. She is a fetish model from New York City.

Nicholas Tanek sits down and has a video chat with her.

Hi! Im Betty. BoogyBetty, that’s Boogy with a Y. Betty with a Y. 

Eccentric content creator and philanthropic psychedelic adventurer. 

I’m a Las Vegas native and I’ve spent the past decade living in New York City working in the nightlife scene. Former reckless party girl, current rational deviant. Affectionately, I refer to bartending as dollar therapy sessions from a legal drug dealer (alcohol IS a drug). I personally find alcohol to be the most boring and ugly of drugs, however, being inebriated serves as a socially acceptable excuse for the, regularly reserved, masses to be loose tounged and uninhibited. 

Life has handed me an overabundant amount of obstacles and adversity. These moments shaped the unique perspective I have of the world have led me down the path to my purpose on this planet. Which involves living my truth and helping others live theirs by expressing their TRUE sexuality, creativity, kinks, and perception in a safe and non judgmental space. Human connection and knowledge…sharing little pieces of information with each other, that’s what my universe is about, join me!

Please watch my acid adventures, high-larious hijinks, my sedated shower stories and on my social media pages!

BoogyBetty LIVE on Periscope! 

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