Anticipatory Service by Master Bear

Anticipatory Service by Master Bear

As far as I am concerned, anticipatory service is the highest level of service achievable. It makes my life easier and speaks directly to my sense of Mastery. This type of service is given before asked and many times before I know what I need or want. For others anticipatory service is considered disobedience. Those Masters believe that if they did not request something then the slave should not assume it. In the assumption, the slaves think for themselves and this is not allowed.


Neither way is wrong. Both ways are rooted in how a person experiences their Mastery. This being said, checking in with the Master is important. Are they open to expanding the service they receive?  How attached are they to the outcome of what they ask? If the Master says, yes, they are open to it THEN GO FOR IT. I take much delight in how my slave finds new ways to serve me through this type of service. I feel it expands the both of us.

My goals as a Master are simple. I want my life easier. I do not micromanage, I do not hover, and I do not review endless lists of stuff that do not apply to me. This also means that I am unattached from the outcome to a point.


For example, when I say I am going out to spend time with my horses, my love lays my clothes out.  I do not care if the shirt is brown or black. I do not care if the socks are white or blue. I do not care if the pants are jeans or sweats. As long as the clothes are weather appropriate and able to get dirty.

I.E. I am removed from the outcome within parameters.

This allows me to relax and enjoy the service that I receive from my love, and for my love to be successful in the service that she provides.

When I come back from the horses, she has something for me to eat and drink.  I do not care what.  Lemonade, if we have it, is an automatic.  My love will ask me if I want hot or cold to eat.

Again, I am unattached from the outcome within perimeters.

I do not feel my Mastery by micromanagement. HOWEVER, OTHERS DO.


Anticipatory service is easy to achieve, don’t let the idea of it intimidate you. Take it slow and in steps. When the slave thinks through their Masters day, some things are going to be automatic. If the Master is coming home from work, they will most likely be tired, hungry, and thirsty. When they arrive, take their coat or briefcase and keys. Have something to eat and drink ready for them, if possible, by their favorite chair. (We cannot do that because our cats love my food and drink!).

If the Master is grumpy, think- tired, hungry, thirsty, or horny.

If the Masters face is red and they are licking their lips -think thirsty.

Another example:  If your Master leaves home about the same time every day and if they wear about the same thing every day then laying out their clothes while they are in the shower is an easy one.  When I was working as a nurse my clothing was easy- scrubs. I do not care what color as long as they were clean and included an undershirt.

When I go to services, my slave lays out my clothes and I will occasionally say different shirt or say upfront- short sleeves and button down. You notice I do not say what color. That distinction is important.  That is my being detached from the outcome and my separation from micromanagement.

There are many ways of doing anticipatory service. How often does the car need gas?  Does the Master travel? If so, what suitcases do they need and when? Does the Master have a special day of the week? As in the end of their work week?  On this day, do they like to go out to dinner or sleep most of the day? How can the slave accommodate those things? How can the slave contribute to make these things easier or more satisfying?

You will be amazed at the many ways to do this type of service and the affect it has on your both. I find it heady. I can relax quicker and I feel cared for and served not just on a surface level but also deeply and viscerally.

 Bear tails:

I am very blessed in that my love is geared towards this type of service. It is something that she does naturally. Without a gut knowledge on how to watch people this type of service can be very difficult if not impossible to achieve on a consistent basis.  That is not a failing. Service done with the best of initiations and with heart is, in my opinion, successful service. I write this because there are many slaves out there that are aneurotypical.   How these slaves perceive people and the world is very different.  Some are very literal and are highly successful in following literal orders that have no interpretation.  My point here is that there is no wrong way to do this.  Be open, be honest, and be emotionally vulnerable and your service can take you to the moon and back.

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