VIDEO CHAT: Sorceress Bebe with Nicholas Tanek

Sorceress Bebe is a Los Angeles based professional Dominatrix who specializes in Findom (Financial Domination) as well as seductive psychological control. She does both real-time and online sessions. She also does fetish clips.

Nicholas Tanek sits down and has a video interview with her.

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Los Angeles, CA

“I go by the name Sorceress Bebe. I am a Los Angeles based ProDomme, FinDomme and fetish clip artist. My domme style tends to be very psychological as well as seductive. I have always had a way of controlling others and using my intuitive nature to read others and manipulate to get my way. I have a tiny frame and an innocent look which I use to my advantage. I lure people in with my looks and seductive nature then get into their heads easily which keeps them addicted. I love the BDSM and femdom community in general and what it does for female empowerment. I believe in the world of kink, you never stop learning and growing and I truly enjoy exploring fantasies and making those fantasies become a reality. ” – Sorceress Bebe

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