VIDEO CHAT: Claudia Fambro with Nicholas Tanek

VIDEO interview: Claudia Fambro

Claudia Fambro is a genderqueer / transgender girl who stared in sissy fetish porn films. Hailing from the Atlanta kink scene, she is married to her wife who is a Dominatrix.

Nicholas Tanek sits down and has a video chat with her.

I came out when I was 25 years old, after a tour in Iraq with the Marine Corps, going through a divorce, and nearly dying in a motorcycle wreck. I have been in the local kink community since I was about 26. Currently, I’m married to a wonderful woman that is also a professional dominatrix. I’ve known, and still know, quite a few renowned dominatrices. I starred in a couple of sissy fetish videos. And I do enjoy being in front of a camera.

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