VIDEO CHAT: Sissy Jenn with Nicholas Tanek

Sissy Jenn is a crossdressing sissy slut who has a podcast. She loves to suck ****. We talk about crossdressing, safety, relationships, podcasts, and more.

Nicholas Tanek sits dows and has a video chat with her.


Jennifer Hunt.  Single. Early 50s. Austin, Texas.  Life long sissy.  Started dressing in mom’s lingerie in high school.  Went full time in college.  Sucked my first cock via glory hole. Got ass fucked first time in ABS.  Always felt like a submissive sissy.  Love lingerie and being nasty.  I think the biggest sex organ is the mind and my words and thoughts turn men on as much as my body.  No relationship as I am way too slutty.  I have been with more than 650 men, a dozen or so other gurls and three bio cunts….  I love giving myself to the world in person or on line.  The idea of men jacking off to me 24/7 around the globe is a giant turn on.  I have no shame, few morals and consider myself a pure sex object as all sissies should.  I am into: sucking cock, rimming, being fucked, lingerie, role play, bondage, humiliation, public exposure, outdoors, piss, scat, toys, fantasy rape, gang bangs.
My podcast on Soundcloud.  This is the first episode.  If you click on it you’ll be able to see the rest
This is  link to one of my videos on   my profile name is jenn1  If you click on my profile name, on the left under the video where it says posted by it will take you to all my stuff.  50 videos, over 2000 photos.  All with no restrictions on their use.  I’ve been on hamster for over a decade and my page has in excess of 394,000 views.
My profile on fetlife is jenn14u   My profile on is jenntv
My profile on dateacrossdresser is jen4u
My twitter is  @JennLov75252889
My Eroprofiles profile is
Feel free to give out my email

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