Smutmarathon: Round One Reveal

by Tangled Blue

The first round of the Smutmarathon closed on Sunday!  Our next round is underway, and I can’t wait to share more erotic tidbits!

The contestants had  to keep their identity a secret until voting closed, and now I can finally talk about my work!  My entry was #7 in the last round. Our task was to write a metaphor and I enjoyed brainstorming all the possibilities. I ended up writing 25 possible entries and then selected the one that resonated with me. I junked thoughts of cramming his ass plug in with mack truck force, licking up puddles of salty reward, and caged sleeping bunny cocks. I am a kitten who craves being bound and this made me lean towards a metaphor written from my experiences. I wanted to offer a peek into the subspace after-moment when I finally earn the pleasure of his embrace. I thought of the balance between sub and Dom and decided that it represented me best. This was my first attempt:

He eased the tension of the rope with feather fingers, and she slumped into his arms, spent, as he whispered, “Good girl.”

I began to mess around with different connections and imagery. I liked the idea of his touch being so light and gentle but I thought feather fingers drew up images of a chicken man. I tried to push further.

I am an artist and clay is often my medium of choice. The possibility of what clay can become is what pulls me to press my fingers in and start to create. My Dom feels the same way about me when we are playing and he guides my body to a point where I give up all control.  I also enjoy the Pygmalion story and thought about that as well. I also decided to name my characters because even with one sentence, I wanted to humanize them.

I put in a hyphen phrase to make the reader pause. I knew there would be lots of entries and I wanted to slow my reader down to savor my sentence just a little bit in the hope that it would be noticed. I sent it in. It was sent back. I’m a doofus. I had too many words. I’m thankful for the kindness of Marie Rebelle because she gave me some gentle reminders, and I was able to fix it to fit all parameters.

Dean eased the tension on the intricately knotted rope to release her, and Kitten became wet clay in his arms-moldable, open, and soft, as he whispered: “Good girl.”

I was happy with my writing, and I received critical feedback from judges and voters. I loved hearing that my words connected with some readers! Some felt that using clay was unoriginal.  My next entry will be stronger. Maybe. Hopefully. Squeak.

The winning entry was awesome.  It was one that I had chosen for my top three.  The jury chose  J.V. Speyer with Underneath as the overall winner.  This entry was hot.  It was masterfully written and delightfully dirty. It made me wiggle and want more. You can read the winner and find out all of the other entry’s authors on the Smutmarathon blog!

Thank you for reading! I love my sweet Kinky Friends! ❤

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