Video Chat: Jacquie Blu – (Producer – Trans Fetish Films) w/ Nicholas Tanek

Jacquie Blu lives in Los Angeles. She produces, directs, performs and edits with her own company, Blu Dreamz. She creates trans porn, BDSM and fetish films for content trade. She works with all types of talent, so any and all performers willing to do content trade work are welcome to shoot with her. She has had nominations for two awards for the Transgender Erotica Awards 2017 and 2018.

Here, she sits down with Nicholas Tanek for a video chat.

“Hi, my name is Jacquie Blu. I am fit and petite at only 5’3″ and 128 lbs, long black hair, hazel eyes and 38DD breasts. I am half Cherokee & half French. I am an adult model and performer. I produce my own porn with my own production company, Blu Dreamz. I produce, direct, perform and do all post-production. I have worked in the entertainment industry my entire life in some of its many forms such as live theatre (20 years), major motion pictures (47 films), many musicians and bands (live sound, recording, editing, mixing), among other things.

I have been in the BDSM lifestyle for 23 years and I was extensively trained as a sex slave for 8 years. If you can think of it, I have probably done it. And if I haven’t I need to, even if it’s just to have the experience but I’d rather do it on camera. I have been performing live sex shows nearly every weekend for over 7 years. I am a total exhibitionist that loves to capture your attention. There’s not much I won’t do if I know I am being watched, whether it’s a room full of people or a camera. It’s a huge turn on for me. If I know I am being watched, I will definitely give you something to watch.

I love to have a good time, especially at work. I am down to earth, sweet, hott and full of energy. I am very open minded and a fun girl to be around. I can be sensual & soft as silk or I can be wild, freaky and kinky. Sex is not only my work of choice, it is also my art, my passion and my life.

I have been on HRT for 17 years, so topping is a very rare thing for me but I am an exceptional bottom and can handle large toys and appendages with ease and much pleasure. My favorite thing is doing anal with well-endowed BBCs.

I was nominated for 2 awards for TEA 2017 and a sponsor in spite of the fact that all of my work has been strictly independent. I was nominated for 2 awards again this year for TEA 2018, and once again a sponsor. I take this work very seriously and never flake. I’ve always said that it’s a lot more fun to BE fun and I make everything I do fun for not only myself, but for everyone around me as well. Everyone performs much better when they can work with someone they can be comfortable around and if they all are enjoying themselves, it really shows on camera. You can really tell everyone is really enjoying themselves in all of my scenes and I want to keep it that way.”

~Jacquie Blu
Twitter: @Jacquie_Blu & @TSJacquie

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