VIDEO CHAT: Master Bear and slave eve w/ Nicholas Tanek

Master Bear and slave eve are a dynamic BDSM couple who live the Master/slave dynamic. They are very active in the kink community.

Master Bear bio:

I have been in a 24/7 M/s relationship with my slave for 17 years.
I was RGL 2008.
I founded and ran AEL Kinkskills for 4 years.
I founded and ran Albuquerque Masters Group for a year.
I ran the education at he wet munch for a year.
I have been an active speaker and teacher for 14 years in the ALB. community.
At our home we have fundraiser/play party events with classes.
I was head judge for Leather Corazon for 2 years
I wrote three books including “M/s for the Rest of Us”
I have been awarded the Albuquerque leather Honor patch, and
am in Mamas House.
I was in The Advocate in 05/2018 when they featured pictures by Camilla

I am the host house for ASHER- the ALB animal group.
I throw monthly play parties with classes/Kinky Tapas(tastings) that are also
fundraisers for local people in need.
I moderate the Albuquerque Snowflakes group on Fetlife
I co- facilitate the BDSM Buffet


Keli AKA

Master Bear

slave eve bio:

I have been in a 24/7 M/s relationship with My Master or 17 years.
Trained for three, then earned my locked collar.
Currently we are the host house for the ASHER animal group in Albuquerque
We throw monthly fundraisers/play parties/classes/Kinky Tapas for local people in need.
I have taught slave classes and finding your inner submissive classes.
I and the owner and founder of
I have served on multiple boards over the years including the
Florida LGBT Community Center, RGL, KIS, and NMLL.
I was awarded into Mamas family.

slave eve

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