Sex Toys and Furniture for the Disabled Part Two: An Interview with Nick Mahler

by SassyWitch666
Every day those of us with disabilities have to find new and inventive ways to make the world work for us.  It’s not always easy, and when it comes to something as personal as meeting ones sexual desires there can be many obstacles.  Motor function, flexibility, pain, libido, and balance can all interfere with a quality sex, but using toys can really help bring pleasure to anyone’s life.

While doing research for another article of mine, I found someone who has learned how to make the world work better for him.  Nick Mahler is the director of sales for Dallas Novelty Sex Toys. This is a great website to browse when you are in the mood for a new toy for playtime.  They have hard to find items and classics such as the all mighty Fleshlight.   Mr. Mahler has a disability,  and he loves sex.  He founded his store in 2003 so that sex could more accessible for everyone.  After reading about Mr. Mahler, I wanted to know a little more about him and he was kind enough to answer some questions.

What inspired you to create an online sex shop?
The main factor for me is that I am disabled myself, I have a very rare muscular skeletal disease that turns all of my muscles, ligaments and tendons to solid bone. The disease is call Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva or FOP, it is a progressive disease and I only have movement in my elbows, some wrist movement and most of the motion in my fingers but everything has built a second skeleton where normal muscle used to reside. Because of the limited mobility I had to come up with unique ways to have sex as well as help others with my disease enjoy sex or masturbation even with little movement. Dallas Novelty has helped lots of injured vets and people with a wide variety of ailments from spinal cord injuries to even diabetes and fibromyalgia looking for solo or partner pleasure.
Easy clean up and so so yummy!

What are some options or ideas for sex toys for people with limited mobility, difficulty with muscle control, or other different abilities?

Everyone is different in what they can do or what they are able to feel so when someone calls or emails me about what product would be good for them, I ask them what their goal is and what kind of movement or ability they have to use some of the products. Some of the best products for almost anyone with a mobility issue or even a strength problem are the remote control toys. Some of the toys like the We-Vibe Unite which is controlled with a handheld remote or the We-Vibe Sync which can be controlled using your smartphone and can even be controlled over the web by a lover or connected to your computer while watching an adult movie. These types of toys are great for people who can’t have strong vibrations in their hands or they will drop what they are holding especially people with neuropathy.

Another popular item for women and men are the body massagers like the Le Wand, Doxy or the classic Magic Wand massagers.  They are still kind of discreet because they double as a back massager, but they are still  very powerful sex machines that isolate most of the intense vibrations into the flexible silicone head. There are lots of attachments for these massagers as well that can convert them to a male stroker or a g-spot/p-spot stimulator. We also have some intimate furniture from Liberator and others that allow you to attach your wand or other vibrator to the positioning pillow for an almost hands-free session.
Dallas Novelty’s spokesperson is TLC television star Rachelle Chapman.

What advice do you have for people wanting to explore sex toys and kink?

My main advice that I tell everyone is to ask questions and explore the options available. We are getting more of an older crowd wanting to make it easier to masturbate or make love to their S.O when a partner may have a back injury or something preventing them from having sex like in their youth. With the release of the fifty shades movies more people are experimenting with fetish and bondage equipment from furry handcuffs all the way up to lockable chastity devices or CBT. There are lots of toy options available for very vanilla people to the extreme kinkster.
A little CBT? Fun!

What would you like to see in the future for sex toy users?

I  have been working with several manufacturers to launch more toys that isolate their vibrations from the handle or grip of the toy because that is the number one complaint. Customers love the powerful, rumbly vibes and massagers but they can cause some people extreme pain in their hands and fingers from the pulsations traveling up. The future is also bringing more body-safe materials like medical-grade hygienic Silicone and high tech plastics that are non-porous so you can feel comfortable using a toy and not risking an infection or issues from the materials. I tell all customers to use a condom on any toy that’s not made of hard ABS Plastics, Polycarbonate/Acrylics, Silicone, glass, sealed wood, stainless steel or a quality plated metal.
It thrusts! I need this in my toolbox.

What is your favorite toy?

We love the FleshLight toys for men because they are easy to use as well as easy to clean for most anyone. One of the best is a condom for masturbation because most disabled people such as myself need help doing almost everything but a condom allows an almost mess-free and discreet option to relieve stress and not need help cleaning up. A lot of our female customers like anything flexible as well as toys like the Womanizer and Satisfyer that are touchless orgasm machines that just use air pulses instead of vibrations.

We were so thankful that Mr. Mahler shared his time and insights with Our Kinky Friends.  If you are looking for some help with a little “hands on” self love or trying to spice up your sex life with your partner one thing is clear,  Nick Mahler and Dallas Novelty sex toys has something for every body.

The world can feel overwhelming at times when you have a disability, but sex can be a healing joy that can help make anyone’s world better.  When there is an individual or company that understands the obstacles that people with disabilities face,  I am more than happy to throw my full support behind them.

I hope to see more innovations from Mr. Nick Mahler in the future, and I encourage others to get to learn more about him and what they’re doing at Dallas Novelty sex toys.

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  1. Very nicely wrtten article and I appreciate you guys talking with me about sex and disability. If any readers have any questions please reach out to any of our social media for a discreet consult or answer to your question.

    1. I’m so glad you like it. Thank you so much for being willing to help with this article. I appreciate it!

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