Thrifty Kink Thursday: Sex Stuff Storage

by Miss Melissa AND TangledBlue

The beautiful Miss Melissa and I are kinksters. I know this shocks our faithful readers because we do come off as chaste demure women who blush at the mention of the word “tinkle.”  But in reality, we are huge fans of the weird things that make our loins go buzzy. We think one of the best things about kink is all the toys. If you have begun your own adventure in exploring ideas behind bondage, power play, pet play, and other exciting endeavors, you will start to collect STUFF. We decided to put our pretty little heads together and offer Our Kinky Friends advice on how to manage all the glorious stuff of kink.

You will see people lay out their collections like this and people swoon. Most humans can’t leave their collections out on the coffee table like a book on National Parks.

A recent interview inspired us to write about where we keep our toys. If you can store your sex accessories out in the open, what better way than in a china hutch?

Organization is so hottttt.

Dollar store hooks can be mounted almost anywhere! Check out the Governess’s full interview:

VIDEO CHAT: Governess Katherine Worthington w/ Nicholas Tanek

Miss Melissa’s Got Junk in her Trunk

Kink comes with accessories. Even kinksters on a budget will accumulate sexy items over time, and storage can become an issue. There is nothing worse than taking out a silicone toy in the heat of the moment and finding it covered in fuzz. Or interrupting the flow of your evening adventures because your flogger got tangled up in a pile of rope. Or there was that time my then-toddler came walking over wearing my boyfriend’s collar as a belt.

You have to keep sneaky paws out of your stash.

A friend of mine said he keeps his gear in a locking toolbox, which is a great idea, but can be costly. As years passed and I outgrew yet another box, my stuff ended up in multiple bags in my closet and up on a shelf. It was a mess and difficult to find what I wanted.

In her interview with Nicholas, Mistress Chloe Rose showed us her vintage steam trunk that she modified for traveling toy storage.

She said this trunk is her favorite thing and it is easy to see why!

Check out the entire interview (she has an excellent kink-on-a-budget recommendation!):

VIDEO CHAT: Miss Chloe Rose (Diabolical Sadist) and Nicholas Tanek

I love thrift store shopping, but a fancy vintage steam trunk would be out of my price range. That’s why I would have done cartwheels if I could when I saw my neighbor put a vintage trunk at the curb. I made Nicholas go across the street with me to lug it back to our house. He complained the entire time. Not only is the rusted hardware and scuffed exterior perfectly suited for the Victorian house we rent, but I can lock it to keep things hidden from a certain small person. Also, I have a video somewhere of Nicholas climbing inside of it.

It’s pretty roomy down there.

I lined the top tray with some contact paper from the dollar store and put baskets in the lower part of the trunk to keep rope and other random things in. Now I don’t have boxes and bags to search through every time I need something! Keeping your eyes peeled when neighborhoods have bulk curb pick up is a great way to snag storage items as long as you don’t mind some dings and dents. The letgo app is awesome too – they even have a “free” section that is full of great finds.





TangledBlue’s Tangled Mess

I love hunting for new sexy stuff.  It’s sometimes even more exciting than actually using the items.  I love feeling the possibility of a scene and the planning just as much as the play.  This zest for collecting was first stored in my nightstand drawer, but soon my collection spilled out and no cramming would make all the goodies fit.  I had to get organized.  I loved the idea of a secret crank that would flip my wall to make an instant dungeon, but I am also cheap.

I began to look at storage ideas on Pinterest and came up with some that worked for me.  I first wanted to organize the items that I use the most frequently in my nightstand drawer.  I went through and decided on what things I wanted close to me.  I then bought a few trays and pouches from the dollar store and put things in order.  I like to keep my dildos in a pouch so that they stay clean until they are called upon to do their thing.

I am lucky to have a large closet and I carved out a space on one side to devote to BDSM toys.  I have seen collections housed in shoe pouches or pegboard on the back of a door if you do not have closet space to devote to whips and things.

I found a tie rack at the dollar store that works for my toys.  It’s often one of my chores as a submissive to clean out our collection.  I find it soothing and quite fun to touch all the stuff.  It’s like a little walk down memory lane mixed with the promise of a new playtime.

The hardest thing for me to store was butt stuff. Anal toys make me a bit squeamish as I am not an anal champion.  Our butt things were stored in a top drawer, but I found that the drawer just smelled after awhile.  I have a top-notch sniffer and the aroma could just be in my mind nose.  If the drawer was cracked, I would pretend to die on the floor.  My Daddy Dom thinks I’m bonkers, but I think keeping the toys in a drawer was icky.  I decided to give butt toys their own special containers and keep them sorted by “his” and “hers.” I bought little containers from the fishing department that were supposed to be used to organize fishing lures.  They were perfect for butt stuff!!!

Miss Melissa and I hope our happy kinky friends get inspired to organize their collections so that the fun times can keep on rolling and you don’t spend an hour looking for your favorite nipple clamps.  Keeping your toys neat helps keep them clean for use and in tip-top shape so that when it’s time to get your freak on, you’re ready.  Share a picture of your collection with us!

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  1. This is pretty good for our first collaboration. I love it when our minds flow together. I salute you Miss Melissa! I wanna write with you for always.

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