VIDEO CHAT: Maitresse Synthia interview with Nicholas Tanek

Maitresse Synthia is a professional Dominatrix who believes women are The Superior Sex. She has her own private dungeon that she called My Sanctuary and it is filled with custom-made equipment. She is into a wide variety of kinks and fetishes: Sissification, flogging, chastity, role play, medical play, etc.

Nicholas Tanek sits down and has a video chat with her.


“My name is Maitresse Synthia. At a very young age, I was ingrained with the knowledge that, as a female, I am of The Superior Sex. Since that time, I have focused My Knowledge and skills on teaching and training subordinates. This has remained My mission for several years now.

In the beginning, I was fortunate enough to have spent the first two years of My journey as a Pro Domme at infamous Porsche Lynn’s Den of Indomitus. Over the next few years, I experienced much growth while honing My skills in BDSM and D/s Relationships. In addition, I have trained quite a few slave girls, two of which are still serving Me.

As My passion for My craft grew, so did. My vision, and from this My beloved Sanctuary was born. Hand crafted to My specifications, you will find No facility more well suited, better equipped, or more conveniently located than My Sanctuary…hidden right under your nose…..” – Matresse Synthia

Twitter: MatresseSynthia
Instagram: Maitresse_Synthia
All of the furniture in My Sanctuary is custom made by Rich at:

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