VIDEO CHAT: Jerome Stuart Nichols (The Butters Co.) with Nicholas Tanek

Jerome Stuart Nichols is the proprietor  The Butters: Hygienics Company.  They make powerful botanical creations to streamline your routines and elevate your rituals. We talk lube, holistic sexuality, pin-up boys, and puppy play.
Nicholas Tanek sits down and talks with him for a video interview.

The proprietor of The Butters: Hygienics Co.
@getthebutters on all the sites
 visual artist @woodennichols on insta.
Bio: Jerome Stuart Nichols like most millennials is a jack of all trades. Originally a journalist turned magazine editor, he first gained notoriety as the mind behind the holistic sexuality blog These days he’s better known as the lube peddling proprietor behind The Butters Hygienics. When not slipping into people’s bedrooms, he’s glued to his Surface drawing hunks and pinup boys or loving on his loyal hubby and full-time puppy submissive, Bubby.
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