VIDEO CHAT: Sir Mondo with Nicholas Tanek

Sir Mondo is a professional master who has now been in the lifestyle for nearly 8 years. His life journey has shaped him to be very versatile and rather unique. It has been stated that his style is the perfect blend of sensation and pain, where it is unknown where pleasure stops and suffering begins. His touch is highly energetic, but it can be either extremely seductive or very unnerving. His style of sensation and impact is delivered in a beautiful way. A true art form.

This playful demon has a way of adapting to the needs of the subject at hand; seeing every person as a blank canvas to be painted with the desires of the individual. As playful as this Dom can be, he can be just as equally cruel in more ways than one. Definitely not an experience to overlook.

Some of his services offered are impact play, sensual, sensation, sensory deprivation, sissy training, and more.

Nicholas Tanek sits down and has a video chat with him.


Some words from Sir Mondo:

My journey in life and in the world of BDSM has been rather unique. The series of events in my past vanilla life, along with the many encounters along the way ever since has sculpted everything about how I approach this lifestyle, as expected. I am simply stating this because both influences are highly present in everything I do in this scene.

In a scene, I am very playful and fun, but I also can be a bit unnerving. I strive to provide the perfect combination of pain, sensuality, and passion in a beautiful artistic manner. Before any type of play, I want to make a few things of necessity. Those include:
I do not play with partners before a certain level of trust has been built between both parties. I will openly admit that I am in love with playing, but I only follow through if I feel good vibes with all.
Let me repeat this.
Nothing I do will ever go without pre-negotiated terms. I will not do anything unwanted. I will not do anything that has not been made clear. I will not take advantage of the gray areas that arise during a scene. These terms will not be compromised. Please let no mean no. I will expect any play partner of mine to be clear when something is unwanted, unwelcomed, or simply just uncharted.
I want every one of my partners to feel they can rely on me as a dependable person in all aspects of life. I strive to take all precautions to keep my partner safe and secure before, during, and afterward to assure them of safe play
*Pro Dom at Lady’s Wicked Playground in Allentown
*Energy worker / Natural Healer
*Toy Maker
Services offered:
*Impact play
*Psychological mind games
*Sensory deprivation
*Edge play
*Erotic/Sadistic Massage
*Consensual NonConsent
*Forced bi
*Long distance
Kik: SirMondo00
Fetlife: SirMondo
Twitter: @sirmondo00
Instagram: SirMondo00

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