Our Kinky Friends Write: CNC Fantasy by SassyWitch666

I’ve always loved to read and make up stories in my head. Partly I think it’s because it gave me something to do while I was in the hospital as a kid. I couldn’t really go out and play so I had to do something to pass the time and TV would get boring. It’s not like today where kids have all these electronic games and cell phones to help pass the time.

When I got older I realized that teachers liked the stories I wrote for class assignments and other kids in the class liked to hear them. Of course they weren’t rated xxx back then. I even remember one assignment where we were allowed to write a work of fiction that included people we knew and I had several classmates asking to be made part of mine. I tended to write dark, scary and twisted stories whenever giving the chance. So many of my classmates were added to the story where they faced an untimely and most times rather gruesome death.

There was a short time where I stopped writing not to long ago.

Enter Mr. Nicholas Tanek. I met him 2 years ago in October.  He quickly became someone I talked to often.

He asked me to be part of an article at one point soon after I met him and I agreed. He told me about a Discord group and invited me to join, so I thought about it bit and then jumped in.

It didn’t take me long to start writing thin

gs again. Being around others who write and reading their stories and Nicholas’ book, The Coolest Way to Kill Yourself. I hadn’t really shared a lot of my stories and, certainly not ones that I really thought mattered, in a public forum.

Then the #MeToo movement happened, and I saw friends and family members who were even questioning and shaming the victims. It was disappointing, discouraging, and sometimes down right disgusting.

I’m not real sure how it happened but I ended up writing “Dear Victims, It’s not your Fault,” and the rest, as they say,  is history . As I have been writing for YKF (and for fun again) ever since.


CNC Fantasy

Consensual Non-Consent
by SassyWitch666

I  don’t know how I got here. I just woke up with my arms and legs spread wide and chained to something metal. I’m in a semi standing position and blindfolded.

Before I have time to think, I hear a light swishing sound, and then feel the sting of it connecting with my thighs. I gasp with shock and much to my surprise a bit of excitement.

I hear hushed voices,  both male and female. They’re talking about the things they want to do to me and who gets to go first.

I hear the swish again and the sting on my tummy sends a tingling down my body and right to my already throbbing wet pussy.  I’m scared but I’m hot and wet too. I’m a mix of emotions.  I want to know what they’re going to do next yet afraid of it, too.

I feel a warm tongue flick softly against my clit and I moan without thinking and arch against the inviting mouth. I feel soft lips around my clit that suck greedily at my pussy. I’m shivering with pleasure despite my underlying fear.

“Mmmmm…she tastes sweet,” I hear a female say.  I realize it’s been a woman licking and sucking my swollen clit.

I’ve never been with a woman.  It excites me to know I was being eaten by a girl and I wonder what she looks like. I try focusing on the fact I don’t know who has me or where I am or what they are going to do to me.  I try reminding myself I should be afraid,  but all I can think about is having her mouth back on my clit.

They unchain me and I’m being moved around.  I’m lifted and turned over then forced on my hands and knees. I feel that I’m being put on top of a woman. I wonder if it’s the same one who was eating me as my face is pushed down between her legs.  I feel someone shoving something big deep into my pussy, before a cock is rammed into my tight ass.

“Are you getting this on film?” I hear someone say.

I think, “Oh god,  they’re videoing this?”

“Yes,” says another voice.

Another mouth sucks at my pussy again and her tongue flicks expertly over my sensitive clit.  Her mouth moves all up and down my snatch as he pounds my ass without mercy.  I can’t help myself.  I moan without thinking.

“Mmm…she likes it,” he says while he grabs my hips and slams into me again.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you?  You’re just a fucking cunt whore, aren’t you?” he taunts.

A hand shoves my face down between the woman’s legs, and I lick and suck her sweet clit. It’s amazing how good she tastes. I never thought I’d enjoy eating out a woman, but I’m liking it,  in spite of myself and the situation.
Just then,  I feel the mans cock begin twitching deep in my ass he starts ramming into me harder and faster. He lets out a groan and cums deep in my ass.

As he pulls his cock, out I’m moved into a new position.  The toy is jerked out of my cunt and I’m perched on top of another cock.

He orders,  “Ride me, cunt.  Do it hard or I’ll make it hurt.”

I comply,  not letting on that it already hurts. His cock is huge inside my tight pussy. But I take it all, sliding all the way down and back up again as hard as I can I ride up and down his dick.

Yet another man straddles us and demands I open my mouth wide.  He forces his dick into my mouth, making me gag as he shoves it into my throat.  I suck his throbbing cock,  slobbering everywhere tasting his juices as he fucks my mouth.  He grabs my hair and brutally throat fucks me.

They fuck me like I’m nothing more than a street whore. Part of me feels scared and ashamed, but mostly, I’m so hot and turned on by what is happening.  My cunt is dripping wet. My pussy juices are coating the unknown cock sliding in and out of me.

This goes on for hours. Me being re-positioned and every one of my holes fucked, filled, fingered and licked in every way possible. I can’t help but love it.

Every time I cum, the unknown female sucks the fluids from my holes, spits them in my mouth and orders me to swallow. Then, after they tire of fucking me, she fists me and orders me to writhe against her hand. As I’m cumming again, she shoves a violet wand against my clit.  It sends a jolt thru my body, and she says it’s for losing the few drops of juices I didn’t swallow.  She shoves her cunt against my mouth and demands I eat her again.

I comply and she floods my mouth with her own cum then slaps my face hard and tells me I’m not bad for a worthless slutty bitch. Next thing I remember is waking up in my own room a note pinned to my skin. I carefully remove it, trying to not cause anymore pain than I’m already in, and read the note.

It says:

We’ll see you next time, cunt.


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