Our Professional Dominatrix Friends Part V by Nicholas Tanek

A professional Dominatrix is more than just a sex worker. They play the role of a kinky therapist or counselor. Throughout this series, I have befriended many professional Dommes. Each one has something unique to offer and can give us insight into their world. So, I asked some of our professional Dominatrix friends some questions.

Here are their answers.

Miss Siren Thorn

Miss Siren Thorn aka the Inked Asian Goddess, is a Toronto-based professional dominatrix, fetish content producer, and fetish actress. Physically, she is a dangerous combination of femininity, exotic and alternative allure and strength – 5’3″, toned and tattooed, with raven hair, mesmerizing eyes and deadly curves.







How did you get started in the Femdom/professional Domme lifestyle and what kinks/fetishes do you enjoy?

I started off in the BDSM/kink world on a personal level, so I’ve been in the lifestyle for 13 years. When I was 18, I was on a few different BDSM personals sites, met people in real life, attended parties and munches (the latter: casual meet-ups in vanilla environments such as bars/restaurants, where kink enthusiasts are dressed normally). In my professional life, I worked as a webcam performer, glamor model, and porn actress. All of which exposed me to some fetish experiences: learning about others’ fetishes online, doing a fetish porn shoot, learning how to seduce the camera/viewer and get the effect I want, etc.

As the years went by, my interest in BDSM took a more FemDom direction. To this day, I would say I’m 99% Dominant. I started off as a ProDomme around eight years ago, doing duo sessions with a friend until I went fully independent around 3.5 years ago. I’m into a diverse range of kinky interests. My favorite would be humiliation because it is so personal. What is humiliating to one person, may not be to another. I like breaking down the ego and pre-programmed societal expectations by doing things such as dressing a normally very masculine man in frilly pink lingerie, teaching him how to behave in a feminine fashion, etc.

I love strap-on and rear entry play and have been told that I’m quite good at getting people relaxed and ‘in the zone’ so that I can fully ‘stretch’ the limits of what they previously thought was possible for them.

I enjoy incorporating scissoring into my female domination sessions and intimidating submissives with the strength of my legs.

I adore medical play. One of my favorite scenes is to strap a submissive down to my medical table with locking restraints so that they are completely helpless. Then, I put a chastity device on them so that even when they get hard, there is nothing they can do about it. I then subject them to a thorough hole-stretching by using my medical urethral sounds and/or other wicked devices of ‘ass destruction,’ such as an anal speculum, vibrating plug, etc.

I also love corporal – bare-hand spanking, flogging, paddles. S&M is also fun, such as using candle wax, a pair of chopsticks with elastic bands at both ends to compress the balls, etc.

I love physical displays of dominance as well, such as face slapping, spitting, golden showers, face sitting, trampling, and more.

I also enjoy roleplay and my experience as a fetish model/actress plays into this nicely. I also love wearing latex, nice lingerie, high heels, boots, and leather.

As you can see, I can go on and on about all that I love to do to a submissive. I am very diverse as a Domme and generally do as I please while keeping in mind what my playmate is/is not into. I enjoy learning about a playmate’s weaknesses and using that to help get them in the zone, so I can get what I want from them.

What advice would you give to a woman who wants to be a professional Domme?

My advice to a woman who wants to be a ProDomme depends on her pre-existing experience (or lack thereof). If you already have personal experience in the BDSM scene, that is an excellent start. Some Dommes choose to work for a reputable dungeon to start with and gain experience, an understanding of the industry, etc. Some ProDommes also offer paid training courses. For myself, I neither worked for a dungeon nor formally trained under a ProDomme, however, I did have experience doing duo sessions with a former ProDomme friend of mine and observed much from the experiences. That, combined with my already years of experience playing on a personal level, helped a lot. I also did my research, observed other ProDommes in my city and how they structured their businesses, and found my own voice and persona as the “Inked Asian Goddess.”

If you’re just getting started in the industry, it’s also important to know about things like how to screen properly to avoid dangerous situations, legal issues, safe sanitation of toys, how to listen to/read clients (both when booking sessions and during play), etc. Attend kink and sex workshops. Many cities offer them either at adult sex clubs or sex stores. There are ones that are run by ProDommes and other sex educators. Attend conferences like DomCon. Talk to other professionals. Most importantly, do what is true to yourself and never feel pressured to do certain activities or be a certain way. The beauty of FemDom is in finding your own way to express your love of control and BDSM. It may be a business and it is important to be professional, understand boundaries (your own and your clients’), etc. But, also be sure to have fun, be safe, and enjoy yourself!

What advice would you give to men who want to approach a Pro Domme?

Do your research! I cannot stress this enough. Read your potential ProDomme’s website very carefully to learn about her likes/dislikes/limits, how to request a session with her (some choose to use email, some prefer phone, etc.). Check out her social media. These things help to get a better idea on who she is and whether you two might be a good fit. It’s important to note that most ProDommes do NOT offer sexual services, so do not ask. Though this *may* be more likely with an escort, again, every person is an individual. It is unrealistic (and in some jurisdictions, illegal) to expect sexual services from a professional.

Write her a polite email introducing yourself. Tell her about your pre-existing experiences in BDSM, what you enjoy, what you don’t enjoy, things you have always wanted to try, medical issues you have, and your limits. Thank her for reading your email and considering you as a potential submissive client. Follow her booking procedure. Mention that you understand her need for a deposit to reserve the spot or provide her with a reference – and be prepared to do so if you want to book with her. Do not get emotional if she doesn’t respond or declines your application. Write a respectful follow up if she hasn’t responded for several days. Important to note: these are all my personal preferences as a ProDomme. Every Domme is different, so again – do your research to find out what she prefers in terms of how to book a session, and what she is looking for in clients. Good luck and have fun!

Video interview with Siren Thorn

VIDEO CHAT: Siren Thorn with Nicholas Tanek

Black Rose

Black Rose is a Southern sexy MILF who is a professional Domme who creates videos too.







How did you get started in the Femdom/professional Domme lifestyle and what kinks/fetishes do you enjoy?

I’ve always dabbled in the kink scene privately at home, but I didn’t start offering domination publicly until 2016. I’ve been in the industry since January 2011 but didn’t branch out until more of my custom video clientele started constantly begging for it. I figured since they were already paying with their wallets, maybe I could be nice and laugh at them too. My favorite fetishes in the Femdom world are sissification and anything with my strap-on. I’ve been playing with dolls my entire life, so sissification fits in seamlessly with my theatrical life and background in high femme sleepover-style makeovers. As for strap-ons, I just look fantastic with a giant cock and I’m great at using it. I know what sluts want and I’m happy to make them act like over-sexualized dolls while I pull their strings.

What advice would you give to a woman who wants to be a professional Domme?

Don’t be afraid to make your own rules. The entire point of domination is that you’re in control. You choose the game, the players, the rules, and the outcome to create your own fantasy kinky land that suits you. Have fun with it!

What advice would you give to men who want to approach a Pro Domme?

Try everything. Many things transcend gender. Humiliation is one of those things. Plus, trying new things is fun. Try all the things until you fail and succeed, and then keep trying more! A well-experienced Dominant is a safe, sane, and creative top that a submissive can trust and really get uninhibited with.

Sierra Fox

Sierra Fox is ✨Goddess of Sensual Domination & Erotic Hypnosis✨ An enchanting Siren in the heart of the woods

Website:   https://www.myforestgoddess.com/

NiteFlirt: http://FallDeeper.com

IWantClips: http://LoveAddictFilms.com

VerifiedCall: http://vrfd.co/xsierrafox

ManyVids: http://bit.ly/SierraFoxMV

Clips4Sale: http://bit.ly/SierraFoxC4S

FetLife: http://fetlife.com/users/5489345

Snapchat: @xsierrafox

Members Site: https://sierrafoxsycophants.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/xSierraFox

How did you get started in the Femdom/professional Domme lifestyle and what kinks/fetishes do you enjoy?

I got started in kink about 4 years ago when I was dating a guy who was far kinkier than I was. He would always look at my hands and he confessed to me one day that he wanted me to fist him. Initially perplexed, I decided that could be something that I could try. From the moment I felt the shift in power, it was a snowball effect. After moving to New York City from Florida, I submerged myself in the local kink scene. I played with many people just for fun, learning more about being a Domme and sharpening my craft. About 3 years ago, I decided to go pro. Some of my favorite kinks I enjoy are tease and denial, foot worship, erotic hypnosis, sensual domination, impact play, chastity, and CBT (cock & ball torture), to name a few.

What advice would you give to a woman who wants to be a professional Domme?

The best advice I could give a woman discovering the Femdom scene and wanting to make a business out of it would be to read profusely. Educate yourself on proper techniques. Learn about new fetishes you’ve never heard before. Then, put what you’ve learned into action! Always practice, practice, practice until you feel comfortable enough to exchange your services for compensation.

What advice would you give to men who want to approach a Pro Domme?

For men who want to approach, be humble, kind, and to the point. Women don’t want to hear your long drawn out fantasy in the first message. Initial tributes will help your cause. If at first you don’t succeed, step back and reassess your approach.

Video interview with Sierra Fox

VIDEO CHAT: Sierra Fox with Nicholas Tanek


What have we learned from all of this?

A professional Dominatrix is not only essential to the kink community but can also play a role in the quality of people’s sexual expression. It could be whips and paddles. It may be sissification and humiliation. Also, it could be total power exchange, roleplay, chastity play, CBT, and more. Many people cannot go to their wives, husbands or a therapist to experience these kinks and fetishes. Professional Dommes play a dynamic role that gives people a balance in their life and a sense of healing… even if they come out of a session with rope burn or bruises. My point is that paying a professional Dominatrix to experience your kinks and fetishes is a perfect way to explore and live out your fantasies. They are intelligent and experienced. Who knows? They may turn you onto something you never thought you would love.






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