VIDEO CHAT: Kate Amaranth with Nicholas Tanek

Kate Amaranth is a 22 year old new adult performer. She is into piss play and also deals with ADHD.
Nicholas Tanek sits down and has a video talk with her.

Kate Amaranth is a 22-year-old new adult performer. She’s an exhibitionist when it comes to her sexuality, but she’s also an exhibitionist in that she tries to give as honest a window into her experience with the human condition that she possibly can. She’s a switch who loves exploring herself through power exchange in safe sexual settings. She’s amused by the fact that she’s had a piss fetish for her entire life (or at least as long as she can remember). She struggles with ADHD and borderline personality disorder which sucks but she’s grateful for whatever perspective that gives her. She deals with age regression as a facet of her mental health and has recently been exploring that through the lens of DDLG sexual settings. People are her prerogative because the human condition will always play into any of our perceptions of anything. She wants to focus on her interest in the human condition through sexuality and kink and loves how authentic kink can be. She loves interesting teeth and REALLY enjoys licking them, and she laments the fact that people rarely spank or slap her hard enough. She thanks you and loves you.
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Twitter: @kateamaranth

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