VIDEO CHAT: Queen Blackheart with Nicholas Tanek

Queen Blackheart is a ProDomme, based out of Michigan with her own personal Dungeon. She is both an online forum based Professional Dominatrix as well as a lifestyle FemDomme.  She is very educated and talented in erotic hypnosis.

Nicholas Tanek sits down and has a video interview with her.



FemDomme & Fetish Model | Educated & Experienced
@QueenBlackh3art on Twitter
“I am a Sapiosexual, and what draws Me in most about the whole spectrum of BDSM is taking that jump into the endless rabbit hole that is the human mind. That is My Playground. I have dedicated My time to the quest for knowledge and experience of every aspect and fetish in both the Professional and lifestyle realms. The kinks I indulge in, however, differ between the two worlds. I enjoy mental Domination and erotic hypnosis above all. I am also Bisexual, and engage with subs of both genders.” – Queen Blackheart

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