Kitten Tales: Master Masturbation

by Tangled Blue

Exploring your body can be one of the greatest joys in this world.  Toys, techniques, and the power of imagination can inspire the rapture of orgasmic delight and it feels fucking incredible.  I consider myself a master of masturbation. I  play for hours edging myself until I can’t hold the waves of pleasure back any longer.  Sometimes,  I sneak a quickie orgasm on a television commercial break just for fun.  My technique of choice depends on mood, need and time. I like to put a little silly fun into all my play and I think it’s good to keep even self-love spicy.  

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by Nicholas Tanek

Heroes save lives and the kink community saved mine. My life was a mess. I met some wonderful people who have been kind and helpful throughout my journey within the kink community. This is only part one in a series about people who I truly think are heroes in the kink community.

So, I talked to some of my kinky heroes and asked them questions about giving back to the community. Here are their answers.

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