I am proud that I know decent and helpful people in the kink community. I want this series to celebrate people who give back. So, here’s part two of the series. Here are some of our kinky friends who have helped many people. I asked them three questions and here are their answers.

 Ami Mercury

Ami Mercury is a model, writer, and creator of the upcoming novel and art project, Orc Girl. She considers herself a nerdy goth girl who is very kinky. As a professional fetish model and cam girl, she has done various kinky videos that include dressing up as a clown, wearing diapers, and being a strict Mommy. She also teaches classes at TES Fest and is very active in the kink community.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AmiMercury

Tumblr: http://theamimercury.tumblr.com/

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/OrcGirl

MyFetishLive: http://myfetishlive.com/AmiMercury


What are you most proud of about your involvement in the kink community?

I’d have to say that I’m very proud of the classes I’ve taught. I’ve taught a class called “Send in the Clowns” which explores clown fetish. I taught another one called “Master Will You Buy Me a Pony?” which is about incorporating a Big/little dynamic into a Master/slave relationship. My Sir and I also put on a pet play, “Petting Zoo,” at TES fest where (human) pets could play alongside their owners in a fenced off area, and other event goers could interact with us in a safe, respectful, and consensual manner. There were all different types of “animals” there: kittens, puppies, ponies, rabbits, and more. I play as an ape; specifically, a bonobo.

These are all my personal kinks. Through these kinks, I can express myself, even though some might consider them a little unconventional. Even though the classes and activities I present describe very different topics, I think they all share a common message: never feel afraid to embrace the unconventional. I believe that kink is about finding personal fulfillment, in helping others to find it as well. If finding that fulfillment means doing things that go against the grain a bit, that’s okay. Whether you are a sissy who likes to be Dominant, rather than submissive, or you’re the only pet monkey in a room full of kittens and puppies, seek what you love, not what others expect.

Who are some of your heroes in the kink community and how have they helped you?

I’ve met so many awesome people in this community. It’s tough to narrow it down. I feel like virtually everyone I’ve met in both the kink community, and in sex work, has had something of value to contribute. Sera Miles, the owner of PEP, the phone sex company I work for, is someone I’ve looked up to for a long time. She is confident and professional, but also very understanding. She is dedicated to growing PEP and has made stunning improvements to the company in the time she’s owned it. She’s also dedicated to helping her team grow and develop. I am very grateful that Sera decided to make me a part of her team, and I feel honored to be a part of such an awesome company.

But I think my biggest hero in the kink community is my Sir/Daddy, Dr. Clockwork. My Sir created his company all on his own at the height of the 2008 economic crisis, no less. He managed to make a living doing it. I am also self-employed, so I understand how difficult getting started on your own can be. I wouldn’t have been able to do what I have done without his support, so I am always in awe of his dedication and resilience. When he decided to create the MyFetishLive cam site, he worked 20-hour days for nearly two months to get it up and running. He did this because he wanted to give me, and other fetish cam models, a positive work environment. He has a vast wealth of knowledge in kink, and his classes are as fun as they are informative. He is always willing to listen to others’ problems and give them a shoulder to cry on. He is supportive of others when they need it the most. When he found me, I definitely needed that support. Taking me in was no easy feat. I was like a frightened little animal. I had no self-esteem. I practically groveled before people in excessive contrition over the slightest mistake. I was painfully naïve and easily walked over. But somewhere between the ingratiating apologies, he saw potential in me. He saw something valuable in the disheveled rubble of my self-worth. He took me in and comforted me. He nurtured my talents. He was firm in his teachings, but also kind. He gave me hope that I could be something more than a sad girl working a dead-end job, checking days off the calendar while she wondered when her life would start. Everything I have become in the past three years – model, professional, educator, producer, creator – I owe to him.

What are some things that other kinky people can do to help the BDSM/kink community?

Like I said before, I feel like everyone I’ve met has something of value to contribute. I think diversity is what makes our community so great. We have people from all walks of life, enjoying all different types of things. I think being your true and authentic self is a good start to helping the community. I think we should all listen more; the more we listen, the more we understand one another. That doesn’t mean we have to understand everyone’s kinks, but we should try our best to understand why other people like them. Lastly, if there’s a topic in which you are knowledgeable, consider teaching a class. Even if it’s a subject that has been taught many times before, it’s always great to hear a new perspective on it.



RKS (The Rochester Kink Society)

The Rochester Kink Society is a non-profit social organization dedicated to providing a means for BDSM and kink-oriented individuals to network, teach, learn, share, practice, and discuss BDSM and related kink. With 21 years of operation, RKS is the longest running organization of its kind in the Rochester, New York area.



What are you most proud of about your involvement in the kink community?

Above anything else, The Rochester Kink Society is proud of the emphasis on education that we have maintained throughout our organization’s 21 years of longevity. Our group often holds educational workshops and instructional rope labs. We strongly believe that it is our duty as active members of this lifestyle to do everything we can to spread knowledge and information that will help allow individuals to participate safely. The fact that we have been able to continue this focus throughout the years is something we hold very dearly. We are also quite proud of our status as a non-profit group. We are the only kink organization in the Rochester area that has this feature.

Who are some of your heroes in the BDSM/kink community?

As cliché as it may sound, to our group, the heroes of kink are truly our members and volunteers. Though we have a Board of Directors that do wonders for the group, without the support of our members, we wouldn’t have an organization. It is the passion and commitment from our membership and volunteers that encourages us to continue holding social events, play parties, and educational workshops. Not only are they the fuel that keeps our organization running, but they also compose an atmosphere of comfort and acceptance that we deeply value. We feel this is essential to welcoming new guests and members into not only the organization, but the lifestyle.

What are some things that other kinky people can do to help the BDSM/kink community?

As a group, RKS highly values open-mindedness and acceptance. Our space is considered a safe space. It is open to people of all genders, orientations, and sexualities. We urge all our members and guests to approach everyone with an open-mind and air of acceptance. We hold this same standard to others’ kinks. Our group tries to avoid kink-shaming at all costs. The Rochester Kink Society feels that, because there is already a bit of harshness held towards the BDSM and kink community, it’s important to do what we can to eliminate that within the community.

Mistress Morgan Sterling

Mistress Morgan Sterling is a professional Dominatrix and a lifestyle Mistress who operates an upscale play space in the Los Angeles area.

She entered the New York lifestyle BDSM scene over twenty years ago. A few years later, she moved to San Francisco. In San Francisco, Mistress discovered the Leather scene and was trained and mentored in the Leather tradition. Mistress Sterling has taught classes in CBT, Medical Play and Electrical at Stockroom University and Threshold. Mistress runs a mentorship program for Pro Dommes and lifestyle players interested in deepening their knowledge. Currently Mistress Sterling is seeing clients in her South Bay studio.


facebook: facebook.com/#!/morgan.sterling.50

twitter: @missmor94053094

Instagram: http://instagram.com/mistress_sterling#


What are you most proud of about your involvement in the kink community?

I am proud of being able to add to the education of kinksters in my community. I have taught classes on spanking, medical play, electrical, CBT, impact play, nipple torture, bondage, etc. In each class, I teach negotiation, safety and aftercare, which I find to be the most important components of every play scene.

Who are some of your heroes in the kink community and how have they helped you?

I am very fortunate to have met incredible individuals in the kink community. I find that their biggest contribution to the community, besides teaching skills, is the care, compassion, respect and nurturing with which they approach everyone they meet. Orpheus Black, Mistress Melissa, Irene Boss, just to name a few.

What are some things that other kinky people can do to help the BDSM/kink community?

Continue to educate yourself. No matter what you know, or how long you have been doing it, you can learn more. Leave your ego at the door. Give back to the community in some way.


Tyler Corsair is the founder of BDSM Organization (BDSM.org), a worldwide educational organization focused around BDSM, fetishes, and expressive play provided by teachers, educators, and contributors. Tyler dedicates his time towards building local BDSM communities in addition to other humanitarian projects.

BDSM Organization: https://bdsm.org/

Twitter (@bdsm) & FetLife (@bdsm)

Tyler’s Twitter (@justbdsm)



What are you most proud of about your involvement in the kink community?

I’ve always believed that easily accessible information and education is paramount. When I launched the BDSM Organization, I was amazed by just how many individuals, both educators/instructors as well as those wishing to learn, were excited for our platform. I can’t wait to see what this year brings everyone.

Who are some of your heroes in the kink community and how have they helped you?

I feel like I meet new individuals each day that further inspire me. It was a pleasure working alongside John Baku briefly at FetLife, seeing their contributions towards the community first hand. I also look up to Mistress Cyan, for her views on varying topics, DomCon, in addition to Sanctuary, one of my favorite dungeons in Los Angeles and always professionally managed under her wing.

What are some things that other kinky people can do to help the BDSM/kink community?

Go out there and explore. If there’s a community local to you, give them a chance and join a social gathering. If there isn’t one, start one! You’d be surprised how many like-minded individuals are out there.

So…What have we learned from all this?

The cool people in the kink community are the kind people. When I got into the community, it was scary for me and I was very untrusting of strangers. What I found was that if I was just honest, kind, and open-minded, I would meet wonderful people who would help me on my kinky journey of sexual expression. These are some of the people who have taken scared and curious people by the hand and helped them sexually express themselves. The kink community needs people like this. We should thank them and support them.

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