Heroes of The Kink Community Part V by Nicholas Tanek

The kink community needs heroes more than ever now. With FOSTA/SESTA and ongoing suppression of sexual expression, there are some kinky people who want to educate, enlighten, and help kinky people. Through my journey into the BDSM world, I have met many heroes. So, I asked them a couple of questions.

Here are their answers.

Mistress Jane Untamed

A huge part of Australia’s BDSM community, Mistress Jane Untamed is a sometime Mistress, Hostess, Writer, Entertainer, Teacher – always Kinky, always Untamed.




What are you most proud of about your involvement in the kink community?

My mission from day one has been to empower women through education and through art – performance and photography. I think I have achieved a little of this and had a lot of fun along the way.  In my experience, the world – especially the mainstream – is flooded with images of submissive females. I don’t have any judgment or anything against this role for women, but I wanted to tip the scales. I wanted to show the “average” or “mainstream/vanilla” woman that that is not the only role they can have fun with in BDSM.  So, I continue to push my Femdom imagery into the world and make it as accessible as possible.

Who are some of your heroes in the kink community and how have they helped you?

Australia has some amazing Pro-Dommes who I very much admire and respect.  Mistress Electra Amore, for one, is a great example of how powerful heart-centered kink can be – how spiritual and sensual it can be.

Then, there are some big inspirations on the fetish side, and amazing photography-wise. I love the work of Mistress Tokyo and Mistress Bliss Theodora. Both are incredible fetish queens and latex enthusiasts.

Education-wise, I’ve been listening to Dan Savage forever. So, I am positive that many of his attitudes towards kink and relationships have shaped mine.  Then, closer to home, I have been very fortunate to have been mentored by a couple of amazing Masters/magicians of their craft who have not only given me technical skills but a healthy attitude towards the idea that there is not only one way to do things.

What are some things that other kinky people can do to help the BDSM/kink community?

I have always said that it is super important to get out there in person. Show up. Show your support. If someone in your community is doing something awesome – like launching a magazine, putting on an exhibition, a class, a performance, it is important to show up. For many of us, our art is only made possible by your patronage, your encouragement, and your support.

Video interview with Jane Untamed

VIDEO CHAT: Jane Untamed with Nicholas Tanek

Mistress Kye

Mistress Kye has decades of experience in the ‘adult’ scene in Philadelphia.  She is a Lifestyle Domme who lives a 24/7 FLR (Female Led Relationship) with her live-in Alpha sub.  Currently, she has several sub/slave relationships at various power-exchange levels.


Twitter: @mistresskye

Fetlife: MistressKye

IG: MistressKye

Wicked Playground’s website: www.ladyswickedplayground.com

What are you most proud of about your involvement in the kink community?

I’m most proud of the hard work and dedication that was put in to earn my place in the eXXXotica Dungeon Experience. I cherish my role there as Dungeon Dominatrix. Most importantly, I cherish their faith in my ability to educate their attendees about true BDSM Lifestyle. We encounter MANY folks who say to me, “I’m not into pain.” Being an eXXXotica educator affords me the ability to tell those folks that pain is a very, very small part of the overall BDSM lifestyle. They walk away from a conversation with me leaving their misconception that BDSM is all about “whips & chains” behind them.

Who are some of your heroes in the kink community and how have they helped you?

A hero of mine is not completely in the Kink community, however, Kink certainly is a part of her business as a brothel Madam. I suspect she is likely the oldest active Madame in the United States at age 78. She is my hero because she was once a working girl herself, then fought her way to become a business owner during an era of the sex industry when women were merely whores and NOT EVER brothel owners. Additionally, she’s been able to adapt to the changes the internet brought to the sex-for-sale business and thrived in recent decades. All while keeping the good and kind part of herself that women in the adult industry often lose to growing hardened. I call her my “street” mother.

What are some things that other kinky people can do to help the BDSM/kink community?

A very, VERY EASY thing other kinky folks can do for our community is wing-man a newbie at an event. It is vital to make new people feel incredibly welcome. We are all dealing with things deep inside of us in BDSM that require vulnerability. It took a lot of bravery to walk into your first BDSM event. For event hosts, I strongly suggest that they do what I do at my events: Ask friends to act as a wing-man for newbie attendees. Walk the newbie around, introduce them to folks until they find a comfortable place to land and socialize on their own.

Video interview with Mistress Kye

VIDEO CHAT: Mistress Kye with Nicholas Tanek

Michelle Wild

Michelle Wild does event photography – specializing in the LGBT community, Boudoir Photography, and founded/runs Anancy Studios.

Driven by a passionate, nontraditional photo-artist, Michelle is carrying the torch for her best friend, an early supporter of ACT UP, now departed. She is determined to make a difference with her art.

Anansi is a Ghanaian folktale character who became a powerful symbol of resistance for enslaved people. Although a spider, he is portrayed as a man of extraordinary skill and wisdom in speech who uses his skill as a trickster to cunningly turn the tables on his powerful oppressors. Just as the Anansi tales enabled enslaved Africans to assert their identity during captivity, the Anansy Company will offer support for marginalized LGBTQ youth to empower them to turn the tables on bigotry and help them build a more civilized society for all.


IG sexyshutterbug  https://www.instagram.com/sexyshutterbug/

FB Michelle Wild Photography: http://www.ANancy.nyc




What are you most proud of about your involvement in the kink community?

I’m most proud of the friends and D/s connections I have made with so many kinds of people. Learning about new people, learning new stuff about myself, and most important, being able to express myself freely.

What are some things that other kinky people can do to help the BDSM/kink community?

Communication, research, ask questions, and give advice to newbies if you are experienced. Speak up when you see or experience something inappropriate or without consent.

Video interview with Michelle Wild & Hardy Brooklyn

VIDEO CHAT: Michelle Wild (Anancy Studios) & Hardy Brooklyn with Nicholas Tanek

Hardy Brooklyn

Hardy is a performance artist who is active in the kink community.

Born and raised in Brooklyn and Nassau County (Long Island), Hardy felt stifled by this conservative environment and society’s expectations for many years. He was able to rise above it and worked in kosher foods, built a successful tech company, worked in event planning (including large-scale festivals), and founded a business development consulting firm. Yet throughout his successes, he still felt like there was something still missing. Over the years he took sales training, public speaking, and improv courses and felt like he had a higher calling.

On New Year’s Day 2016, Hardy and a friend were chosen to become a body painting model at a party. With his timeless good looks and outgoing personality, he quickly became a favorite model for both body painters and photographers alike. Along with getting painted, Hardy Brooklyn enjoys donning wacky costumes for themed events. He quickly made a name for himself in the underground arts, music and fashion scene. He is an instant hit at parties because of his positive energy.

Hardy is inherently and fundamentally a performance artist and educator. He hopes to help people experience all that the art world has to offer and expose them to things they normally wouldn’t experience because of their fears or prejudices. New connections, interactive events and photo opportunities bring Hardy great joy and pleasure.

What are you most proud of about your involvement in the kink community?

I am most proud that I provide a safe place for humans to express themselves without judgment. They have the ability to speak confidentially to someone when they need that space and can say “NO.” 

What are some things that other kinky people can do to help the BDSM/kink community?

People in the community should not treat it like it is a private elite club and cast the same lack of judgment they wish cast on them on others. Obey the word “no.” Respect others wishes to be private in the default world. Vote for the right candidates. Be vocal that all events and workspaces should be inclusive and non-judgmental of a human’s personal private life. 


what have we learned from all of this?


Knowledgeable and helpful people are essential to having a safe and wonderful time when dealing with kink and sexual expression. My goal of doing this series is to help others. My advice is to take classes, get politically involved, and learn about others. Most importantly, be safe and respectful. I’ve been kinky for many years and I am always learning more. People like the ones in this article are the ones who help educate others. So, what can you do? Learn from them. Move forward with your kink with their wise words. Trust me, my friend, you will be happier and kinkier.  Finally, remember my cardinal rule: Be cool. Be kind and keep an open mind.





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