Our Erotic Hypnosis Friends By Nicholas Tanek

Erotic hypnosis is the practice of hypnosis for sexual purposes. Often used in Femdom, the erotic hypnotist can sissify a man, financially dominate someone, or lead to total power exchange. Hypnosis is a huge fetish in the kink community. So, I asked some of our kinky erotic hypnosis friends some questions.

Here are their answers.


Syren Rayna

Syren Rayna is a trained erotic hypnotist and Dominatrix from Portland, OR. She is nationally certified in hypnosis and knows how the mind works. She utilizes NLP, hypnotic phrasing, and behavioral conditioning to manipulate behavior. Syren has been in the BDSM scene around Portland since 2016. Syren noticed her natural gift of manipulating people at an early age. What brought her to the kink side of it was a desire to break down some of the “shame walls” that people have. She hates that, even in this community, people can feel isolated in their kink choices. She enjoys helping people understand and embrace their true undercurrent of BDSM and Kink.





Sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sORqaLI26AU

Hypnosis takes a great deal of practice to master. What kind of training did you engage in to learn this skill?

By default, I am a knowledge glutton. I find that I am happiest when I am learning. I started out young, around 18, and started by reading books on NLP, rapport building, persuasion, body language, and various psychology books. I practiced it for a while and much of it became second nature. Then, over time, I forgot to do it consciously, but it was running in the background. One day, on a whim, to do something new and get the heck out of a job that was working me to death, my partner suggested hypnosis. I signed up for the first class I could find. It was mostly just reading scripts. I was mostly bored out of my mind. I knew there had to be more to it than that, so I dug up as much information on how and why it works that I could find. I was consuming 20+ hours of media (books, articles, audio-books, podcasts, lectures, videos, etc.) a week for about 6 months. I went to seminars and met with other hypnotists and traded ideas. Then I jumped into advanced hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I still have over a dozen books on my shelf that I am slowly working through on everything from mass brainwashing to addiction. Some are more educational, and some are for fun, but it all helps me understand the brain and human behavior more. 

What is your style of erotic hypnosis? How do you put someone under?

I’m not sure how to classify my style. It tends to be a little bit varied as my clients are varied. I lean more towards a “seductress” style rather than a “mean, controlling” style, but it all ebbs and flows. I have found that it is much harder to yell someone into hypnosis than it is to lure them in. For my audio recordings, I like to keep it seductive and soft as I am not talking to any one person (usually). This is when I don’t have a person to read and know where they are in the trance. Tricky stuff.

As for how do I put someone under with hypnosis?  I am thinking about making some training materials for Dommes who want to learn but that is a little way out. I am working on the material for the new year. The general idea is to absorb the attention of the client, then bypass the critical factor (this is usually done through word trickery or imagery), then stimulate the unconscious mind.  Some of this is much easier in erotic hypnosis as most of the clients are experienced in trance and eager to jump down for me.

Or… I just talk at them till they have no choice but to obey.

There are many reasons why a person wants to be hypnotized. What reason do you encounter most often?

In kink? In short, escapism.  Life can be hard, stressful, boring, mundane, difficult, or just lacking in some way. Often, I find that my clients are the ones who want to have a break, even if just for a bit. Many of them want to feel out of control, addicted to me, or inescapably horny.  These are all the same feelings you get when you experience New Relationship Energy (NRE), that feeling when you first fall in love. Some of them are married and miss that NRE. So, this gives them similar sensations that stick with them. It puts a skip in their step and a smile on their face. Others want to let the fuck go of stuff for a while. They want me to tell them to shave off everything and when they can and can’t cum. They want to feel like they have no control over it because being in control of everything all the time is exhausting. So, I give them that break. Some want to feel like they belong to someone in some way. Even if that is just by listening to my voice before bed, they feel connected.

How has erotic hypnosis helped the lives of your subs?

I think it varies for each person, just like all things. In some cases, it allows a space for them to explore guilt-free. In other cases, it is just relaxing as well as kinky. But rather than speaking for them, I asked my submissive and this was the response:

“EH grounds me. It relaxes me and de-stresses me. It gives me a break from my vanilla life. It also gives me a break from being in charge. I feel so refreshed after listening to a track. Syren Rayna allows me to open-up, submit, and be vulnerable so that I can go back to my vanilla life, my in-charge life, fresh and ready to tackle the challenges that I need to face.” – Syren’s Dirt

And to show an example of how it can be very different for each here is another quote stating that the hypnosis part helps increase focus inside of the submission.

“Erotic hypnosis had made me more focused on enjoying and accepting of my devotion to my Goddess.” – Syren’s Body

Video interview with Syren Rayna

VIDEO CHAT: Syren Rayna with Nicholas Tanek

Sierra Fox

Sierra Fox is ✨Goddess of Sensual Domination & Erotic Hypnosis✨ An enchanting Siren in the heart of the woods.

Website:   https://www.myforestgoddess.com/

NiteFlirt: http://FallDeeper.com

IWantClips: http://LoveAddictFilms.com

VerifiedCall: http://vrfd.co/xsierrafox

ManyVids: http://bit.ly/SierraFoxMV

Clips4Sale: http://bit.ly/SierraFoxC4S

FetLife: http://fetlife.com/users/5489345

Snapchat: @xsierrafox

Members Site: https://sierrafoxsycophants.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/xSierraFox

Hypnosis takes a great deal of practice to master. What kind of training did you engage in to learn this skill?

Ever since college, I have been fascinated by the human mind and its capabilities. I’ve studied different psychologists and methods of hypnosis to establish which is right for me. Reading various books and watching a slew of educational videos taught me the proper techniques. Then, I put my own spin on them in practice.

What is your style of erotic hypnosis? How do you put someone under?

My style of hypnosis probably differs from everyone else. I initially start by getting my client comfortable, using soothing dialogue and a soft voice. I create a safe space no matter where I’m practicing, letting them know they will never be put in harm’s way. I like to establish trigger words early in the relationship, so they can be used with ease later. In some cases, I use visuals or even rife frequencies to pull them deeper down the foxhole and farther into their own minds.

There are many reasons why a person wants to be hypnotized. What reason do you encounter most often?

Most of my clients find it is an outlet for escape from reality. Most of these men have very stressful vanilla lives or have a lot of control professionally. Just like a Buddhist uses meditation for relaxation, my subs come to me to get out of their own heads, if you will. They allow me to take control and guide them whichever way I see fit.

How has erotic hypnosis helped the lives of your subs?

I’d like to think that my practice helps all my subs. It allows them to reach an elevated state both mentally and spiritually. Their physical selves benefit from the reduced stress. In these times, all we want is to be happy and to be able to take the edge off in a healthy and safe way.

Video interview with Sierra Fox

VIDEO CHAT: Sierra Fox with Nicholas Tanek

 Queen Blackheart

Queen Blackheart is a professional Dominatrix, based out of Michigan with her own personal Dungeon. She is both an online forum-based Professional Dominatrix as well as a lifestyle Domme.  She is very educated and talented in erotic hypnosis.

@QueenBlackh3art on Twitter





Hypnosis takes a great deal of practice to master. What kind of training did you engage in to learn this skill?

I have acquired a BA in Psychology, and My final thesis paper was about the operations of the human brain and the potentials of Hypnosis and Hypnosis Therapy. It wasn’t until I started to dabble in the world of BDSM that I was able to identify all the underlying reasons why someone would be interested in their own special, specific kink(s). I began engaging submissives who desired to undergo hypnosis. I found that many had the desire to be “mindless drones.” They also wanted to engage in this kind of training online. I had to decline a great many requests because I did not believe that their specific scenarios would allow safe and consensual hypnosis. Eventually, I found the subs who were seeking what I was able to offer online and then moved into real-time Hypnosis training.

What is your style of erotic hypnosis? How do you put someone under?

I believe that I have a unique style that requires a long-term loyal slave who has not only gained My trust, but I have gained theirs as well. I do enjoy the fantasy of “Erotic Mind Control.” However, if I am going to take the time to outline a goal and a plan for the hypnosis, I am going to do it right. I obtain the consent of the submissive after it has been informed of the risks and been made aware of the process and desired result. I take the time to ask questions appropriate to the desired situation or goal. Sometimes, the questions are deep and the answers are dark, but we are not diving into shallow waters. Online, my process usually involves audio files. In real time, it is quite a bit more involved.

There are many reasons why a person wants to be hypnotized. What reason do you encounter most often?

Most often, I see submissives who desire either feminization, to be mindless slaves obeying their Mistress’ every command, or to engage in bisexual and BBC related activities. Most of the submissives that approach Me for Hypnosis only desire the sexual, surface level interactions and are not able to commit to a deeper level of Mind Control.

How has erotic hypnosis helped the lives of your subs?

One submissive I engaged with had a problem with his “addiction” to BBC (big black cock) porn.

He was searching through some sites for adult content and was searching up the ladies he enjoyed watching of a thicker body type. In these videos, it was generally men with BBCs. Through this rabbit hole, he ended up watching and became “addicted” to watching poorly made and generally irresponsible BBC hypno videos. He was completely obsessed. It was affecting his relationship with his girlfriend and his view of himself as a straight male.

Through our sessions together, we were able to reprogram the damage done to his mind and reset the triggers and undo the reinforcement so that he could live a “normal” life again.

Those are My favorite stories about Hypnosis. The ones that truly help.

Video interview with Queen Blackheart

VIDEO CHAT: Queen Blackheart with Nicholas Tanek


Daizie Jane Charmness is a Las Vegas homebody with a passion for the naughty. Using a unique mix of creativity, curiosity, and charm, this BBW burlesque queen will leave you in a daze. MsCharmness began performing in burlesque shows in 2012 and that quickly led her down a path to exploring all things BDSM. She is currently balancing being a traveling Prodomme, Findomme, Hypnodomme, and working a full-time muggle job.



Hypnosis takes a great deal of practice to master. What kind of training did you engage in to learn this skill?

I worked with a sub that had years of experience working with other Dommes. He provided scripts and I would alter them for my specific purpose or give them a read then ad lib off paper for a session with him. Turns out I was pretty good at it! I ended up researching anything I could find about hypnosis in any form and practicing as often as I could. I was already familiar with meditation and manifestation, so the world of hypnosis was a very comfortable one for me.

What is your style of erotic hypnosis? How do you put someone under?

First, we start with building trust. I make a point to know as much as I can about a person before invading their mind. During sessions, I like to use mantras and meditation to lull a sub into a trance.

There are many reasons why a person wants to be hypnotized. What reason do you encounter most often?

Most often I find that the individual wanting to be hypnotized would like to fully submit, rid their mind of all thought, and remove their own free will from our interactions.

How has erotic hypnosis helped the lives of your subs?

I like to focus on easing anxieties, deepening their dedication to me, and exploring their potential to fully submit. When dedication to change is present from both parties we often accomplish one or more of these goals.

Video interview with MsCharmness

VIDEO CHAT: MsCharmness with Nicholas Tanek


What have we learned from all of this?

True erotic hypnosis by a professional Dominatrix is not just some get rich scheme or reason to take advantage of someone. These hypnotists may not be the typical therapy that most people seek out, but it is a form of therapy, nonetheless. The erotic hypno-Dommes I know have genuinely helped people. The sexual aspect of the hypnosis adds a whole other level of the therapeutic value. Some of the submissives engage in erotic hypnosis just to get off and fulfill their kinky fantasies. For others, it can go deeper. Lives can be fixed. Finances can be managed. Marriages could be saved. Overall, an erotic hypnotist can not only make you feel comfortable in your sexual expression, but also be a positive influence in other aspects of your life.






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