Our Professional Phone Sex Friends by Nicholas Tanek

How many times have you had an orgasm or gave someone an orgasm just by talking with them over the phone? Ever since I was a teenager, I have loved to have phone sex with girlfriends. I still do it as an adult. PepLove.com is a female-owned BDSM/kink phone sex group that is unlike any other phone sex company. They do not just do kinky phone sex. They also do “kink counseling.” Trust me when I say this: they are magnificent women who are smart, funny, understanding, and kinky. So, I asked our PepLove friends about their professional lives.

Here are their answers…

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VIDEO CHAT: Aubri McEachern (Makeup and Transformation Artist) w/ Nicholas Tanek

Aubri is a makeup and transformation artist who works at Janet’s Dungeon in Michigan. Nicholas Tanek had a video interview with her.

Aubri has been working with Janet’s since October and has been their makeup and transformation artist since November. She specializes in male to female makeup and dressing. On her free-time she enjoys making art and music. She is currently working on an apprenticeship towards becoming a tattoo artist. Meeting new people and hearing new stories are Aubri’s favorite part of working at Janet’s. She’s gender fluid, but normally goes by she/her pronouns. Her favorite food is Pho Noodles and her horoscope is Taurus.



Instagram: @janetsdungeon / @janets.closet

Twitter: @janets_closet

My personal fetlife: sonsi


VIDEO CHAT: Nicolette Foxx (Online Dominatrix & Chaturbate legend) & Nicholas Tanek

Nicolette Foxx is an online Dominatrix who has started a wonderful chat group on Chaturbate.

Nicolette Foxx on Chaturbate

Nicolette Foxx on Twitter

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/MissMistressFoxx

VIDEO CHAT: Mistress Dream with Nicholas Tanek

Mistress Dream is a polyamorous Dominatrix that loves kink. She loves crossdressers and strap-on play.
 Nicholas Tanek sits down and talks with her.