Chasing Magic: Playing with the Magic Wand



by Tangled Blue

I love playing with sex toys, and I bought a Magic Wand because it’s a classic toy that I had not tried.  My husband was super excited, and with visions of forced orgasms in his head, he bought a harness to hold the tool in place.  We eagerly discussed a scene where he would use the tool and harness while I was tied to the wall spread eagle under a spotlight.  Sounds good, right?  Well…


Everyone seems to love this thing.

He tied me up, slid the harness over my hips and hooked the toy up so it rested right on the money button.  He flipped the switch and then settled into his chair to watch me squirm.  My first impression was that it was LOUD.  It hummed.  I hummed.  I started improvising my hum and soon was singing “All that Jazz” with great enthusiasm, but was only mildly agitated in my nether regions.  I started laughing because that’s what I do when things go a bit wrong in the dungeon.  He watched me with a bemused expression on his face until I started complaining that my nose was itchy and the wand was getting annoying.  He scratched my wiggly nose, and we gave up on the toy and just caused orgasms the old fashioned way.  


I was mad that the Magic Wand didn’t live up to the hype.  I really researched the tool and watched a ton of instructional videos. (Yes, some were porn…I love porn, but it usually doesn’t reflect life.)  The toy didn’t excite me at all. The buzzing was so intense that I just went numb quickly and the sound  was unbearable to me.   I’ve owned several vibrators, and they are not my go-to toy for pleasure.  I decided perhaps that vibration was not suited to my body.  My favorite sex toys are just plain glass dildos, and I can achieve multiple lovely orgasms with just the flick of my wrist.  I had high hopes that I was going to experience a different kind of intense orgasm with the Magic Wand.  I put it away and forgot about it.  

And then, I hurt my back.  I was in pain and my chiropractor suggested that I try a tool that I thought looked like the wand to help relax my overly tight muscles around my injury.  I didn’t want to spend the money so I dragged my Magic Wand from the closet and found that it was incredible on my back.  I was using it constantly and it dramatically helped my back heal faster.  This daily use made me curious and maybe I ditched this toy as a pleasure provider too soon.  I made a quest for myself.  I was going to cum on this wand or burn the motor out trying. 



The only position I had tried with the wand was having it strapped to me. I decided to explore other ways to use it.  I tried holding it by hand directly on my clit like I had watched on many porn films.  It held it and waited for the awesome wave of ecstasy to flow over me.  I waited.  Hummed.  Waited some more and eventually the friction just got hot against my skin but I was no more sexually satisfied than I had been before I started.  I decided that test was a flop.

I then tried laying on it and I kept my panties on to give a little barrier.  This was interesting.  The sound was muffled by my weight and was less distracting.  I could focus on the feeling more than the auditory annoyance.  I started reading a book and just left the wand between my legs while I wiggled my butt.  It wasn’t unpleasant, but the friction soon heated my skin so much that I turned it off.  The buzzing in my crotch lasted for quite a long time, and I finished my chapter with a little smile.  


More Toys!!

My beloved, Lola

I decided to have a session with the wand each evening before bed, but I couldn’t get it to do much more than make me a little warm and wiggly.  I decided to add more toys to the equation.  I started with my favorite pink glass dildo.  I tried juggling the wand and the dildo, but it was too confusing.  I ended up tangled in the Wand’s cord, and I dropped it to the floor.  I left it there humming by itself and took care of business in other ways.  

I tried it another evening with Ben-Wa balls tucked inside me.  I love these toys by themselves for jumping on the bed until they fall out and keeping them in during intercourse.  I found that the vibrations from the Wand could make them chime by placing the wand in different places on my belly and vulva.  This was more fun as a game than as a pathway toward sexual release.

I would like to shake Ben’s hand.

I dug further into my tool box for other experimental evenings.  I put on nipple clamps and added the Wand.  Meh.  I wore a mask and pretended I was Zorro riding the Wand, Tornado.  Meh.  I flogged myself while wiggling on the Wand.  Meh. I tried an internal vibrator partnered with the Wand and I shook more than an arctic chihuahua.  Meh.  More accessories were not the answer.

Advice from a Friend

At this point, I craved the buzzing of the wand each night.  I enjoyed the rumbly feeling between my legs, and it did make me crazy wet.  I still couldn’t orgasm, but I began using the wand as a warm up.  I found that I could achieve climax way faster if I hummed with the wand before my evening roll in the hay with my husband.  That meant I could focus more on him and ultimately go to bed earlier and extra sleep is always awesome.  I still wanted to get that porn star head back moaning like a she-devil orgasm that the internet had promised me so I began asking friends for advice.  

Unicorns are often helpful.

Most people achieve orgasm right away with the wand and it’s their favorite toy, but I found a small percentage of people like me who struggled with pulling pleasure from it.  Many people talked about relaxing and using layers to deaden the intense vibrations.  Others suggested bouncing the wand up and down to slow down the inevitable numbness that comes from sustained toy use.  It was all good advice but nothing that I had not tried already.  

I met a lovely gentleman who uses the Wand on his mistress and she proclaimed him an expert and tasked him with helping me.  We talked for a bit and he asked me how much lube I was using with the Wand.  I stopped.  Lube?  I rarely use lube unless we are doing anal and even then spit can be sufficient, but lube with a toy?  This was a novel idea.  The next evening, I doused myself with enough lube to slide a small fire truck inside of me.  I applied the Magic Wand.  Pow.  It felt good.  It felt DAMN GOOD.  I thought this is it!  It’s going to happen! I dipped and nuzzled the wand against my girly parts and felt bliss rising.  I waited.  I adjusted my position and still couldn’t quite get over the hump.  I threw the wand hard against the wall and went to take a shower.  

I Quit

I decided that I had enough.  I told myself that some people are not built to orgasm all ways. I blamed my tiny clitoris and lack of focus.  I had solid penetration game going for me and I was multi-orgasmic when it came down to regular sheet wrestling.  Perhaps this toy was just not meant for me.  I kept using it daily as a little buzzy enjoyment to take the edge of the day off and nothing more.  I found that using it through jeans was quite nice and soon the head of the toy was stained a pale blue from the denim.  It was super convenient not to have to get undressed and it felt good.  I usually had to change my panties afterwards, but that was a small price to pay and sometimes I like walking around with wet panties.   

Then, on a mundane Tuesday night, I was having a session with my husband and he was pushing my orgasm limit.  He would not let me rest.  He edged me to the point of breaking and then shoved me into bliss again and again, until I asked for a reprieve and huddled in the corner.  With bleary vision, I accidentally sat on the Magic Wand and it clicked on with my fumbling.  I was a bit glazed over and had very little blood flow to my brain.  I left the toy there. I was well lubricated and it had settled in a lovely spot. It hummed and my already over stimulated body responded immediately.  It was like a flash bulb pop of pure release and pleasure.  I groaned so much that my husband doubled over with laughter.  It ended quickly, and I had to scramble off it it because it became simply too much.  He high fived me.  I had done it!  I had found a way to orgasm with the Magic Wand.  I was ecstatic!  I don’t know if I can replicate those conditions, but just knowing that it is possible was enough for me.  

Worth it.

I’m glad that I stuck with learning more about this toy and my own body.  I would absolutely recommend this toy to anyone, and I even bought one for my best friend for her birthday.  It’s a different kind of orgasm if you can get there, but it feels good even if it doesn’t flip the switch.  Perhaps with practice, I may be able to achieve forced orgasm porn star stage, but for now I am happy with my one time grand finale experience.  

[Editor’s note: Some people purchase a speed modulator.  You can also purchase many attachments for him AND her, which decreases the intensity of the vibrations and also lets you stimulate different body parts in different ways.]