VIDEO CHAT: Monica Lee Floyd with Nicholas Tanek

 Monica Lee Floyd is an award-winning artist and author.

Nicholas Tanek sits down with her for a video interview.

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VIDEO CHAT: Lady Von Piper (Cultress) with Nicholas Tanek

Lady Von Piper, better known to her submissives as “Cultress”; is a 23-year-old Canadian who has been in the scene professionally for 2 years, and has enjoyed it for many years previous. She specializes in phone sex and verbal role play. She has had hundreds of submissives, ranging in location from Germany, to Russia, to her own hometown in Ontario. She is extremely versatile and creative and loves to be challenged by authentically odd fetishes.

Nicholas Tanek sits down and has a video chat with her.

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VIDEO CHAT: Dr. Lauren Brim with Nicholas Tanek

Lauren Brim, Ph.D. is a doctor of human sexuality who is changing the conversation we have about sex. She is kinky, bi, poly and a switch. She is the author of four books and an online body of work that seeks to educate, challenge and uplift by sharing provocative, honest sexual stories and dispelling sexually suppressive myths. She is also creator of the Adult Play Mat a small, sexy mat to roll out for messy, kinky or period sex.

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Our Erotic Kinky Artist Friends by Nicholas Tanek

I love art! I love artists! I love drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed media, etc. I am inspired by the love and creativity that artists pour into their work.  At, we love erotic art. We love the weird stuff. It may be orcs. It may be tentacles. It may be forced cross-dressing. It may be sexy vanilla art to hang over the bed.  Art is awesome.  I wanted to highlight some of the wonderful artists that I know, so I reached out to some of our Erotic/Kinky artist friends and asked them several questions.

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BDSM on a Budget: Cummy Mummy! #ThriftyKinkThursday

by Miss_Melissa_

Nicholas Tanek was making his own straight jackets as a teenager (see my favorite chapter in Chipped Black Nail Polish, titled “homemade straight jacket”), so I gave him one for his birthday several years ago. The best thing about the straight jacket is that I can use bondage even when I’m too tired to take out my rope. Lazy BDSM is still fantastic sex, but I decided we were long overdue for a session with some thoughtful planning behind it. I wanted to use something with a more complete restrictive feeling than rope or a straight jacket.

Let’s have some fun with sensory deprivation, and let’s do it for FREE! Or at least for under ten bucks, depending on what you have at home.

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ORC GIRL by Ami Mercury

The legendary Ami Mercury wrote a graphic novel!


Jenny/Ghorza, a geeky 29-year-old who dreams of adventures beyond her humdrum life, is transported to a fantasy world like the ones she’s spent her whole life dreaming about. There she is captured by mercenaries but is soon “rescued” by Vargan, the leader and orc king of a raiding band of orcs. Vargan, however, gives her a choice: she can either be released and left to wander the forest of a foreign land alone or be given shelter and protection in exchange for one thing… she must surrender her freedom as his “human pet.”

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#ThriftyKinkThursday: Stick Your Dick in Stuff

by Tangled Blue

Being thrifty is nifty especially when you need some sexy fun time.  This #ThriftyKinkThursday is going to be a little different. We are offering a collection of ideas rather than a scene.  So let’s explore things that you can stick your dick into for fun!

I’m sure for most penis bearers ramming your cock into another person or person shaped object is the preference, but that isn’t always feasible.  I wanted a list that thrifty kinksters could keep in handy just in case they didn’t have a friend or specialized toy to poke.  This would also be a good list for a Domme who wants to give her sweet sissy sub a treat. Continue reading #ThriftyKinkThursday: Stick Your Dick in Stuff

VIDEO CHAT: Dr. J (Author/Sex Therapist) w/ Nicholas Tanek

Dr. J. arrived at her writing career after being a condom packer, sex educator, sex therapist, and finally a college professor of human sexuality. Using her vast knowledge and experience of sexuality and the mind, she continues her education efforts to integrate positive sexuality into the human experience through her stories. She writes within the Romance and Erotica genres.






Amazon Author Page:


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#EuphOff: TENTacles

by Miss_Melissa_


My dear most treasured friend, Tangled Blue, asked me to join in on the #EuphOff contest. After weeks of writer’s block, despite coming up with a ROCK SOLID THEME, my kitten muse inspired me with a horrible sea-themed metaphor and suddenly, the oyster revealed its brown, greasy pearl.

The Other Livvy’s annual #EuphOff is a brilliant contest, and there’s still some time left to enter. All you need is 500 words and you’re in the running to win a cool new sex toy! Check it out here.

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