#ThriftyKinkThursday: Back to School

Thrifty Kinksters.  Ten Dollars. Super Fun.  

by Miss_Melissa_


BDSM calls to many people but willing kinksters can be inhibited by the cost of the tools. It is well worth it to invest in high quality BDSM toys, but sometimes you want to play around with an idea before committing your funds.  Leather floggers, ball gags, and latex wear can really break the bank. Your Kinky Friends decided to challenge ourselves to create experiences that cost less than ten bucks. We will use traditional BSDM ideas and use our imaginations and ingenuity to help you get the most bang for your buck. 

As always…use common sense when playing and put safety first!

This is our fifth entry for our Thrifty Kink series: Back to School.

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#MeToo – Our Friends (And My Mother) Talk about Sexual Misconduct and Sexual Harassment

By Nicholas Tanek

My mother and father taught me to respect people. They would tell me, “Treat people how you would like to be treated.” When I was young, I’m sure I made the improper or obnoxious joke every once in a while. I’ve grown up and I’ve changed. Being friends with women and listening to women changed me.

Throughout the years of hanging out with female friends, I have learned that many males can be considered a predator. There are women who live in a constant state of terror due to misogyny and sexism. I went to college in the 1990s during a heightened state of campus date-rape awareness. The last thing I wanted to do was make a person feel unsafe. At the same time, sexual misconduct can come from women too. I’ve personally experienced it. These days, the #MeToo movement has sparked a full-on revolution on how people look at sexuality, sexual misconduct, and sexual harassment.

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